Shades of Blacks and Whites: Abyssal Encounters – A Collection of Fine Art Photos

Collections of Fine Art Prints of Nature by Amar and Isabelle Guillen.

As underwater professional photographers, we travel frequently to create interesting artistic photographs. Diving into the different oceans and seas around the globe. We prefer the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea because the variety of species of fish located there is incredible. In addition, light conditions are excellent, unlike the Atlantic Ocean, for example, where conditions can be difficult and uncertain.

We have been diving for several decades. We have a real passion for the great marine animals, for the majestic manta rays, the racy sharks, and the elegant sea turtles.

This collection of art photographs called "Abyssal Encounters" show pictures that were often made in a few meters of water. Sometimes, large marine animals remain close to the surface in search of their food. Many photos were taken at night, where it is a particularly difficult exercise due to the darkness. To cope with this challenge, we use powerful strobes as artificial lighting. During the day, we only use natural light.

Large marine animals, such as sea turtles or sharks, are endangered species, meaning that their population drastically decreases each year. Our art photographs are not only art works intended to decorate interiors but they are also testimonies. We intend to show marine animals that are beautiful, elegant, and interesting to observe. However, we also wish to impress this question upon the viewer, “But for how long will these creatures last?” We desire to raise awareness for these endangered species.

In this collection, we tried to sublimate large marine animals by using black and white to show that despite their imposing size, these creatures are still very fragile.

Our «Abyssal Encounters» collection is in line with our artistic approach. It is quite unusual for underwater photography. We wanted our audience to experience wonder in a uniquely creative way, thus we chose to present this collection in black and white. Indeed, the underwater world is represented by shimmering colors as well. One of our main objectives is to illuminate those colors by simply limiting the number of subjects in each photo.

All these photos are available on Masonite or framed. As photographic artists, we try to produce unique pieces of art. These photographs of large underwater animals are available for sale in our online art collections or in the art galleries affiliated.

All these fine art photographs meet strict specifications for their realization and certification as we explain in this page. Each of these art prints is a guarantee for you to acquire a durable work that you will never tire of.

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Abyssal encounters I
Artwork Name: Sea Turtle V
Abyssal encounters II
Artwork Name: Sea Turtle VI
Abyssal encounters III
Artwork Name: Sea Turtle VII
Abyssal encounters IV
Artwork Name: Sea Turtle VIII
Abyssal encounters V
Artwork Name: Sea Turtle IX
Abyssal encounters VI
Artwork Name: Sea Turtle X
Abyssal encounters VII
Artwork Name: School of Dolphins VIII
Abyssal encounters VIII
Artwork Name: Dolphin IV
Abyssal encounters IX
Artwork Name: Dolphin V
Abyssal encounters X
Artwork Name: Manta Ray I
Abyssal encounters XI
Artwork Name: Manta Ray II
Abyssal encounters XII
Artwork Name: Manta Ray III
Abyssal encounters XIII
Artwork Name: Manta Ray IV
Abyssal encounters XIV
Artwork Name: Manta Ray V
Abyssal encounters XV
Artwork Name: Manta Ray VI
Abyssal encounters XVI
Artwork Name: Manta Ray VII
Abyssal encounters XVII
Artwork Name: Manta Rays Ballet II
Abyssal encounters XVIII
Artwork Name: Manta Ray VIII
Abyssal encounters XIX
Artwork Name: Manta Ray IX
Abyssal encounters XX
Artwork Name: Manta Ray X


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