“Anger in Black and White” – A Collection of Fine Art Photos in Shades of Blacks and Whites

Anger is an emotion. It is the result of a mental or physical injury, a lack or a frustration. It allows a person to assert himself and allows the maintenance of his physical and mental integrity. It can also be the affirmation of a more or less altruistic personal will. As it can hurt the person who expresses it, it can also be considered a a passion.

Anger is energy-consuming. It does not always help to solve our problems. But like all emotions, it aims for a profit and transmits us messages essential to our well-being and balance. It is often necessary in the face of injustice.

Anger is about us and only about ourselves when we feel anger at someone or a situation. It points out a need that has not been sufficiently met. It tells us that a limit has been crossed and that we feel assaulted.

For us, anger is translated into photography by very clean scenes of natural landscapes but with very heavy skies. The clouds are black, smoky, dense. We try to translate in our artistic works, the fact that the anger is brutal, sudden but that it does not last. The storms are for us a perfect illustration of anger. It is a brief emotion during which we want to say that injustice should be banished from this world.

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Ref: 01-170910MAGPAY0073B
Anger BW I
Lake Magadi - Kenya
Ref: 02-170910MAGPAY0076B
Anger BW II
Lake Magadi - Kenya
Ref: 03-170910MAGPAYHD10B
Anger BW III
Lake Magadi - Kenya
Ref: 04-170910MAGPAYHD18B
Anger BW IV
Lake Magadi - Kenya
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