Shades of Blacks and Whites: Animal Silhouettes – A Collection of Fine Art Photos

The silhouette is a photographic technique we particularly appreciate. Indeed, it corresponds perfectly to our artistic vision based on a contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature. In this collection, our works are refined, elegant, simple, and sometimes enigmatic. We chose to show animals photographed against the light in minimalist settings.

"Man is the dream of a shadow."
--Thus, sang the Greek poet Pindar.

A silhouette in association with black and white is much more than a photograph. A silhouette is suggestive and evocative. It carries a message of serenity, calm and tranquility. It forces us to go beyond the interpretation of simple composition and to consider the scene as a set built to convey a specific message. The nudity of the silhouette is for us a creative technique that provokes questioning and introspection. The eyes are especially important in animal photography as they are totally absent. We are no longer hypnotized by them. We must focus on the body and its elegance.

The silhouette allows us to play between image and reality. It evokes the doubling, this “appearance and disappearance” or “metamorphosis” of the subject.

The evocative force of the silhouette of an animal is no longer descriptive but suggestive. Its postures and behaviors suggest the photographic message that the artist wishes to convey. It can be despair, departure to new horizons, passion, or strength.

In this collection, we wanted to go back to the sources of the technique invented by Mr. Silhouette, Minister of Finance of King Louis XV when he drew people against the light to capture only the contours of their profile on the walls of his castle from Bry-Sur-Marne. We have always been fascinated by some naughty or amusing drawings so different from the representations of that time.

For us, the silhouette is a unique way to transcend the animal world by showing suggestive forms that no other technique can do.

All these fine art photographs meet strict specifications for their realization and certification as we explain in this page. Each of these art prints is a guarantee for you to acquire a durable work that you will never tire of.

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Ref: 01-160923CHMBRA0848B
Silhouette BW I
Artwork Name: Silhouette of a Red Deer VII
Ref: 02-160923CHMBRA0869B
Silhouette BW II
Artwork Name: Silhouette of a Red Deer VIII
Ref: 03-160923CHMBRA0841B
Silhouette BW III
Artwork Name: Silhouette of a Red Deer IX
Ref: 04-160923CHMBRA0889B
Silhouette BW IV
Artwork Name: Silhouette of a Red Deer X
Ref: 05-160923CHMBRA0937B
Silhouette BW V
Artwork Name: Silhouette of a Red Deer XI
Ref: 06-160923CHMBRA0966B
Silhouette BW VI
Artwork Name: Silhouette of a Red Deer XII
Ref: 07-160923CHMBRA0983B
Silhouette BW VII
Artwork Name: Silhouette of a Red Deer XIII
Ref: 08-160923CHMBRA0992B
Silhouette BW VIII
Artwork Name: Silhouette of a Red Deer XIV
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