"Animals Silhouettes in Lights and Colors" – Collection of Fine Art Photographs

Animal silhouettes are very symbolic forms for us. They can evoke the departure, the flight, the freedom. They can suggest emotions, feelings. The only limits are the imagination of the observer.

The eyes of the animal are not visible in a silhouette photograph. This fact accentuates even more the mysterious side of the scene. The look is implied but it is not visible. Only the shape of the body is important. It becomes suggestive. Everything is carried by movement and animal attitude.

We chose to highlight these photographs of animal silhouettes with our "Lights and colors" style in very clean photos. This technique allows us to better suggest the emotions and to go to the essential of our photographic messages. The color is not distracting. On the contrary, it reinforces the attitudes of animal bodies to magnify them better.

In this collection, we wanted to go back to the sources of the technique invented by Mr. Silhouette, Minister of Finance of King Louis XV when he drew people against the light to capture only the contours of their profile on the walls of his castle from Bry-Sur-Marne. We have always been fascinated by some naughty or amusing drawings so different from the representations of the time.

The silhouette is for us a unique way to transcend the animal world by showing suggestive forms that no other technique can do.

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Ref: 01-160923CHMBRA0848C
Silhouette I
Red Deer - France
Ref: 02-160923CHMBRA0889C
Silhouette II
Red Deer - France
Ref: 03-160923CHMBRA0937C
Silhouette III
Red Deer - France
Ref: 04-160923CHMBRA0966C
Silhouette IV
Red Deer - France
Ref: 05-160923CHMBRA0983C
Silhouette V
Red Deer - France
Ref: 06-160923CHMBRA0992C
Silhouette VI
Red Deer - France
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