“Anthropomorphism” – A Collection of Fine Art Photos in Shades of Blacks and Whites

Collections of Fine Art Prints of Nature by Amar and Isabelle Guillen.

Although Anthropomorphism has many common explanations, it is mainly the attribution of human behavioral or morphological characteristics of animals. As professional wildlife photographers, we are passionate about monkeys. In certain species such as geladas, colobus or vervet monkeys, we tend to find strange morphological or behavioral similarities to humans. Fascinated by their attitudes, we spend hours watching them interact in groups.

In this collection, we chose the "shades of blacks and whites" style to better focus on these similarities. Eyes, hands, and body language translate many emotions and feelings that human beings are capable of, and we perceive this discovery as both fascinating and confusing. Despite these similarities, we are aware that it is certainly our imagination that plays tricks on us and that an animal remains above all things, an animal. The reaction of a wild animal is totally unpredictable. We often choose to display a primary anthropomorphism, which we also refer to as simply “primary”. Nevertheless, we are constantly aware of ourselves, the subject being photographed, and the environment. We take precautions to stay away from the animal’s safe area; we take no risks.

There is a certain fact which we will not dispute; we certainly seem to have evolved from a sort of monkey. The similarities in behavior are far too visible and disturbing in some species.

All these fine art photographs meet strict specifications for their realization and certification as we explain in this page. Each of these art prints is a guarantee for you to acquire a durable work that you will never tire of.

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Anthropomorphism I
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada V
Anthropomorphism II
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada VI
Anthropomorphism III
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada I
Anthropomorphism IV
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada VII
Anthropomorphism V
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada VIII
Anthropomorphism VI
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada IX
Anthropomorphism VII
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada XII
Anthropomorphism VIII
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada XI
Anthropomorphism IX
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada III
Anthropomorphism X
Gelada - Ethiopia
Gelada XIV
Anthropomorphism XI
Vervet Monkey - Ethiopia
Vervet Monkey IV
Anthropomorphism XII
Vervet Monkey - Ethiopia
Vervet Monkey VII
Anthropomorphism XIII
Colobus - Ethiopia
Mantled Guereza I
Anthropomorphism XIV
Colobus - Ethiopia
Mantled Guereza II


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