Fine Art Print Collections "Around the Mind"

Collections of artistic fine art print "Around the mind" appeal to emotions, feelings, and anthropomorphism. These are works whose main subject is nature but is presented in such a way to encourage suggestive and metaphorical feelings or emotions.

A photograph of the collection 'Forgotten Paradises'.
A photograph of the collection 'Forgotten Paradises'.
Oscillating between dream and elegance, the photographic work of Isabelle and Amar Guillen proposes a new way of accession to the theme of Nature.

This duo of plastic photographers is associating the photographic medium with the digital tools to design abstract areas for the landscape.

Isabelle and Amar Guillen are going to begin a work of distillation of the photographic shooting by revealing what a fragment of landscape can contain.

As a result, these artists offer us the possibility of perceiving microcosms and worlds through a purification of the image. The photographic simplification is pushed to the extreme by the hands of the artists: the shooting is thus decontextualized of the environment from which it is drawn. Thus, their photography gains autonomy and gets a cathartic virtue.

Isabelle and Amar Guillen aim here to highlight the infinity of Nature and its indifference to time. The exercise of contemplation that they put in place derives its strength from a sensitive experience, from a deeply empirical and personal relationship with Nature.

Finally, Isabelle and Amar bring a beautiful interpretation of new technologies. The virtual is put at the service of a reflection around the fleeting aspect of the natural elements and offers a relevant parallel between a technical immaterial and sensory.
--Eric Patou (Patou Gallery in Paris).

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Works of Art that Appeal to the Imagination

Our art photography collections "Around the mind" appeal to the imagination. These photographic works appeal to the senses of the person who will look at them. By creating our art photographs, we give an artistic and contemplative interpretation of the wonders of nature that we observe. Our photography is the humble servant of our imagination.

But the imagination is very subjective. It depends on each person. It belongs to the singularity of the personal history of each. Our goal is to allow you to represent the world with the help of our works and to give it meaning.

Through our collections of art photographs, we hope to prime the images crossing the viewer's mind. We want to suggest emotions specific to each image before the viewer can think within the boundaries of language. We know that everyone has a unique interpretation of nature, and we want our audience to have an interpretation that is related to their own experiences, thoughts, and personal singularities.

The human being has this extraordinary ability to extrapolate, interpret, and give a personal judgment to the images he sees. This is called an anthropological reading of the imaginary. We created these photographic works for this purpose.

Nature as a Vector of Interpretation

We are passionate about the wonders of nature, which is present everywhere around us. One must learn to seek beauty’s appearance, for it simply appears when one opens a door or a window. Over the past many years, we have learned to transform the banal into a contemplative and artistic interpretation.

We strive to give a dreamlike interpretation of nature with scenes where the atmospheres are ethereal, and the compositions are pure. Our work, as professional photographers, is inspired by the wonders of nature. We want to discover, show, and testify to the beauty of the subjects by uniquely photographing evanescent moments that we can share with as many people as possible. This is how we define our artistic vision and our photographic approach.

Nature is a unique object of our creations, whether it involves landscapes or seascapes; animals living on land or in the water. Our pictures always show reality; however, out interpretations may vary according to framing the scene through the viewfinder, or according to processing the photos through computer software. Our goal is to encourage our audience to dream.

In each shot, we are freezing a certain moment in time, preserving it from a vast spacious landscape onto a thin medium, such as paper. Once this moment has passed, everything has changed. Nevertheless, our artistic approach has captured that single moment into a timeless piece of work.

Writing with Light to Create Evocative Statements

Over our many years of creating photographs, we have learned to write with natural and artificial light. This is one of the founding elements of our approach. The light is as important as the setting because it will provoke the emotive suggestions and the anthropomorphic character of our works. We always take great care in choosing our scenes and the points of view.

Light is present everywhere in life. Everyone talks about it, but to paint with light requires vast experience and patient effort. Our job is to create unique photographic works that customers will hang in their home, office, or showroom.

The emotions one feels when looking at our art photographs are a result of our artistic work and perspective.

What we are looking for is simply to help you, our viewers, to dream. We want to provoke your imagination by wielding light as our paintbrush.

Collections are Available in Both Styles

The "Around the World" art collections are available in two styles: "Shades of Black and White" and "Lights and Colors".

Each piece of art is numbered, signed, and comes with its certificate of authenticity. The creation of the media is carried out with particular care by us. We incorporate a and meticulous treatment to deliver high quality works to our customers.


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