Artist Statement. Our Photographic Vision: A Contemplative and Artistic Interpretation of Nature

The inexhaustible source of inspiration in nature’s terrestrial and aquatic landscapes, as well as its fauna, has always been at the heart of our artistic vision Through our works, we share our contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature and its mysteries.

To highlight the ethereal aspect of their landscape and animal subjects, we favor refined compositions to capture unique and evanescent moments as an invitation to dream.

The prints we produce are divided into two themes: "Around the Mind", which is conducive to metaphor and introspection, and "Around the World" in reference to identified animal places and species. The themes are further declined into two styles: “Lights and Colors” and “Shades of Black and White”.

Our photographs focus on representing scenes that are usually impossible to reproduce thus freezing those fleeting moments. The conservation and education of nature flow through each of their artistic photographic works, connecting them together. The technological tools are the brushes that we use to illuminate the surreal elements of the natural landscapes spanning the universe captured within the frame.

This majestic tree on a cliff in Kenya evokes for us a witness of time passing.
This majestic tree on a cliff in Kenya evokes for us a witness of time passing.

The Guidelines of our Artistic and Photographic Vision

Our photographic vision is summarized by a contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature.

To show it in our photos, we always follow these rules:

  • All our artworks capture nature at its most ethereal and beautiful.
  • Our compositions are clean and free of unnecessary elements.
  • We photograph unique and ephemeral moments.
  • We often like to give a symbolic dimension to our photographs to express our emotions, our feelings and to convey messages.
  • Our artworks are aesthetic.
  • Our artworks are elegant, harmonious.
  • The volumes and masses are always in balance in our works.
  • We sometimes add a naturalistic dimension to our photographs to show and testify to the fragility of the world around us.
  • We always use whatever tools we must keep our photos consistent with our vision. The tools are not an end in themselves.

A Dreamlike Interpretation of the Beauties of Nature

We have not always been professional photographers. We followed circuitous paths to make that dream a reality. As we followed these paths, we built up our vision. Our dreams have always been a driving force in our careers. Although we have already achieved our biggest dream, our dreams still inspire our photos. We have a dream behind every photo collection we make.

We know that our dreams have always been the source of our passion. Even though we realized our greatest dream, we continue to live in the imagination to build our artistic photos. For example, when preparing a new art collection, we talk a lot and we imagine the construction of photos using sketches.

The choice of our subjects, our framing and our photo compositions are intended to make dream the people who watch our works of art.

We love freedom above all. Sharing our passion for nature with others is a way for us to share moments of escape.

Through our nature photographs, we want to capture the attention of the audience and captivate their imagination.

Showing Ethereal Scenes

Nature is the source of our inspiration. It guides our photography. We look for its most hushed, delicate, fragile qualities.

We try to show nature at its most sublime. We want to preserve delicate, ethereal, intangible, fleeting moments. We want our photos to evoke in others the profound feelings that we experienced when we saw the scene.

Creating Clean Compositions

In our artistic photographs, we always try to isolate the subject from the background and simplify the composition as much as possible. We eliminate any defects or unnecessary elements to produce the cleanest compositions we can. Our photos are always very simple. Over time, we have learned that simple things are often the hardest.

Showing Unique and Ephemeral Moments

We love to photograph moments that will fade away and be gone forever, leaving no trace, scenes that are impossible to replicate.

We have always felt a great need to preserve these fleeting moments in a photograph. We chose photography to do this over drawing or painting, because these become an interpretation of what we see, whereas photography is an art that shows what is really there. Although we interpret what we see through the framing and composition, what we show is always something real. We want to be faithful witnesses to nature's beauty.

From our point of view, photography makes it possible to cut a piece of space to freeze it in a given time. Once that moment passed, everything changed. This is reason that we practice this visual art. But in our approach, we always try to create timeless photos.

When we contemplate a landscape at sunrise, or watch an animal walking through the woods, we feel a need to preserve the fleeting beauty of the moment. This is why we create photographs.

The Symbolic Dimension

We use our photographs to show things which no words can describe. The scenes we photograph often cannot be expressed by words. Images are a way for us to express ourselves and show others nature's beauty. We want to capture our audience’s imagination with our photographs.

It is for this reason that we try as often as possible to create photographs with a strong symbolic potential. Our collections of art prints "Around the Mind" include photographs reflecting our emotions, our feelings and our personality in a general way.

The Aesthetic Dimension

We do not always want to create art photographs with strong symbolic potential. Sometimes the scenes offered by nature are simply beautiful. In this case, we are just adopting an aesthetic dimension of photography. We leave then the care to the people who will acquire our works to escape and to imagine a universe.

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Showing Others, the Beauty we have Discovered

We chose photography as a way to share the emotions we feel when we observe nature, because photography is an art that shows the immediate reality. Although we interpret what we see through framing and composition, what we show is always something real. We want to be faithful witnesses to nature's beauty.

Photography has become for us an extraordinary means of testimony.

We always try to transform the banal into a contemplative and artistic interpretation. We also strive to document nature with an eye for conservation and education.

Using Techniques to carry out our Photographic Vision

In order to better demonstrate nature's beauty, we use many different techniques. We prefer scenes with wide dynamic ranges that show every detail of our subjects.

However, no matter what techniques we use, they are always a means to an end.

They are tools which we use to fulfill our vision, not an end in themselves.

Keeping our Vision in Mind with every Photograph

When we create an artistic photograph, we always apply the principles we have just stated. Our artistic approach aims to make the audience dream, to make them escape in their imagination. When we photograph, we are always in harmony with our passion to show the beauties of nature.

Some Exemples of our Artistic Visual in Shades of Blacks and Whites

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Some Exemples of our Artistic Visual in Lights and Colors

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