Biography of Amar and Isabelle Guillen: Passion for the Wonders of Nature

Isabelle and Amar Guillen are two artist photographers specializing in nature fine art photography. They create artworks about the underwater world, wildlife universe, and landscape wonders.

In 1987, their photographic adventure began while they both prepared for a degree in computer engineering.

The visual beauty offered by the sumptuous surrounding landscapes and the wildlife held within began (and continues) to be their source of inspiration. This has led them to entirely devote themselves to a professional photographic career, allowing them to share their contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature. For the last fifteen years, they have photographed both the animals and their terrestrial and underwater natural landscapes. Their photographic scenes are animated by the infinite mysteries hidden in nature.

Through their photographic gaze of nature, they strive to highlight the importance of its conservation. Isabelle and Amar live and exhibit between France and the United States, both of which supply wildlife, landscapes, and cultures, providing inspiration for the Guillen's work. Isabelle and Amar have published several books including "Lights and Colors of the Charente-Maritime Coast", "Reflections of Haute-Saintonge", and "The Secrets of Underwater Photography ".

Isabelle and Amar Guillen. Professional photographers passionnate by the beauties of nature.
Isabelle and Amar Guillen. Professional photographers passionnate by the wonders of nature.

Their Story

Amar and Isabelle Guillen were fortunate to arrive in the United States in 2001. They wanted to embark on a world tour through diving adventures. This was the first step in a country that was entirely new to them, however, although they did not know it at the time, the United States would eventually become the end of their journey.

Upon their arrival in the United States, Amar and Isabelle developed a true passion for the nature of the country whether it be underwater or terrestrial. With time, they decided to devote a large part of their artistic work to illuminate the natural wonders of the country.

Their artistic approach is increasingly oriented towards black and white because it best expresses their emotions and reflects the Guillen’s passion for a country that has welcomed them so well. They continually aspire to be worthy of this blessing.

As Amar and Isabelle often say, “Life will not be enough to discover and appreciate this country that is continent-wide.” They hope that their artistic activity will allow many people to come to tread this land which is still wild, and which still contains many mysteries.

Professional Photographers Living In France and the United States

Amar and Isabelle Guillen are two independent professional photographers who specialize in underwater, wildlife, and landscape photography. Originating from France, they show the wonders of nature through their fine art photography, exhibitions, and books.

Since 2001, Amar and Isabelle's alternate living between the Charente-Maritime in Saint-Georges de Didonne in France; and in Plano, a city not far from Dallas, Texas in the United States. In 2003, they created their company "Guillen Photo LLC", and they acquired American citizenship in 2010.

All their professional activities are conducted in France and the United States.

Inspiration Through the Contemplation of Nature

Each day, these photographers draw their energy from contemplating nature, which is the ultimate inspiration for the creation of their artistic photographs. Amar and Isabelle are continually amazed by the richness and diversity of the surrounding landscapes and seascapes.

The observation of land or underwater wildlife gives them incomparably unique joys each day. For it is through observing, appreciating, and respecting the wonders of nature that aids Amar and Isabelle in seeing each morning in a new perspective.

In landscape photography, the Guillen’s are inspired by Ansel Adams, Rolfe Horn, Michael Kenna, Guy Tal, Clyde Butcher, David H. Gibson, Peter Lik.

In underwater photography, they are inspired by David Doubillet for his work on black-and-white wrecks, as well as Michael Aw.

In animal photography, they are inspired by Erwan Balança, Frans Lanting, and Art Wolfe.

Showing Unique and Ephemeral Moments

Both Amar and Isabelle Guillen enjoy photographing ethereal moments that soon disappear forever, leaving no trace. Those scenes are nearly impossible to replicate, except through the preservation of a photograph. They have always felt an overwhelming desire to save those fleeting moments as a photograph.

They chose photography instead of drawing or painting, because photography can instantly capture an accurate representation of a certain moment—photography is a special art that shows a “frozen moment” what actually occurred or was present.

From the Guillen’s point of view, photography makes it possible to cut a piece of space, freezing it in a single second. Once that moment passes, everything has changed. Amar and Guillen practice photography as a visual art; through their approach, they are striving to create timeless photos.

A Contemplative and Artistic Interpretation of Nature

The Guillen’s photographic vision is summarized by a contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature. They always follow these rules:

  • Their photos capture nature in its ethereal state: a fragile glimpse of that moment.
  • Their compositions are clean and free of unnecessary elements.
  • They photograph unique and ephemeral moments.
  • They work to discover nature’s beauty to share with others.
  • They are selective of equipment and techniques to ensure that each photo is consistent with the original vision. The tools are not an end in themselves, the subject of the moment is more important.

Photographing Nature Since 1987

Amar and Isabelle began taking pictures of landscapes in 1987 with an Olympus OM40 while working on their degrees in computer engineering. For fifteen years, they continued to discover beautiful landscapes on land and underwater. As their horizons expanded, their passions for these wonders grew as well. Practicing photography as a hobby allowed them to capture inexpressibly wonderful moments. Finally, in 2003, they decided to devote all their energy to recording the beauty of nature through a professional career in nature photography.

The Guillen's photographic vision is to record the wonder of lights and colors found on land and underwater. One of their main goals is to portray the delicate balance between nature and humanity. Today, Amar and Isabelle have many advantages to offer in their services as professional photographers.

Their Goal is to Create Fine Art Photographs

The photographs created follow the Guillen’s artistic approach, making it possible to create collections of photographic art. They have divided their art prints into two distinct themes: "Lights and Colors of Nature" and "Shades of Blacks and Whites of Nature".


Amar and Isabelle have organized numerous exhibitions:

  • "Ambiances on the Ponds of the Dombes" in 2017;
  • "Lights and Colors of Southern US Landscapes" in 2016;
  • "The Lords of the Woods" in 2014;
  • "Sea and Coastline" in 2014;
  • "Reflections of Haute Saintonge" in 2013;
  • "The Charente Coastline: Upside Down" in 2013;
  • "Lights and Colors of the Charente-Maritime Coast” in 2012.


They have published several books devoted to the beauty of landscapes: "Lights and Colors of the Charente-Maritime coast", "Reflections of Haute-Saintonge".

They have also published technical books "The Secrets of Underwater Photography", "Underwater Photography: Expert Guide", and "Underwater Photography for Beginners".