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Your Passion is Nature Photography. Reconnect to Nature by Creating Different and Interesting Photographs.

You want:

  • To create interesting and inspirational nature photos.
  • To express your personality and the emotions you feel when you contemplate natural scenes or photograph terrestrial or underwater animals.

We created this blog for you.

The articles we write are intended to help you create different and inspiring photos. They are published to open you new creative doors in the realization of your photographs.

Reflections and wavelets on the water.

Reflections and wavelets on the water.

We are often asked why we share our secrets as professional photographers. We perpetually answer that knowledge is certainly one of the most important things in life. What is the use of accumulating knowledge and skills, if we then keep it hidden, impacting only ourselves? What is the use of learning and understanding if we do not share with others? What is life’s worth if it is not based on learning and sharing knowledge, thus creating a positive impact on the world around us?

Our chronicles always have the backdrop of sharing our passion for the wonders of nature.
They always address one of the following themes:

  • Landscape photography.
  • Wildlife photography.
  • Underwater photography.

We cover the following topics:

  • Nature photography as a language.
  • Nature photography as a means of expressing emotions, feelings and transmission of messages.
  • The use of symbolism in nature photography.
  • Nature photography in black and white.
  • Nature photography in color.

We more thoroughly examine these techniques during our photography workshops and with the ACANP method. Nevertheless, our photo chronicles share our expertise and abilities with as many photographers as possible, without face-to-face interaction.


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