Chronicles Dedicated to Fine Art Photography

Our chronicles in the blog are devoted to the techniques of the creation of interesting photographs of nature. In these texts, we chose to share our tips and explain how to develop interesting and creative photos. Our goal is to help photographers improve their creativity in nature photography whether it be a wildlife, underwater, or landscape photograph.

To better understand our artistic approach and why artistic photography is so important, we have selected articles solely related to this topic.

The mysteries of the cypresses of Caddo Lake in Texas.
The mysteries of the cypresses of Caddo Lake in Texas.

Chronicles About Fine Art Photography

Art Photography is Necessary and Useful

We are two professional photographers passionate about the beauties of nature. We have chosen to share our passion with the greatest number of people whether they are photographers or not. Indeed, loving the beauties of nature is universal. To express our emotions and our feelings, we chose photography as our medium, specifically, artistic photography. Our art photography collections are organized into two themes: "Around the Mind" and "Around the World". We chose two styles to highlight them: "Shades of Blacks and Whites" and "Lights and Colors".

Buying an art photograph is a very special act. Indeed, why would anyone pay for a photographic work? The answer is simple. We found it after years of work. The price of an art photograph is not related to our name or to our talent. It is not a matter of art either. All that matters is the feelings and emotions that arise when the viewer looks at it.

But learning to observe such a work of art requires time, patience and some knowledge. That is why we decided to write these blog posts that are not only for photographers wishing to improve their creativity but also for people interested in buying art photos without fully understanding their personal motives.

We hope that these few articles selected from our general columns will give you answers to all the questions that may arise.


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