Categories and Szes of the Fine Art Photographs

Fine art photographs by Amar and Isabelle Guillen, Photographers

Each Photograph is Available in Different Sizes

Our fine art photographs are available in different sizes and different formats. To order, please fill the form with:

  • the category displayed below the photograph (for example: category 32 or category 11).
  • the size code you want to buy (for example: size 1624 or size 2424).
    • In the tables below, you will find all categories and all size codes to order a fine art photograph.


      Category 32
      Dimensions in inches Size code
      16 inches x 24 inches 1624
      24 inches x 36 inches 2438


      Category 31
      Dimensions in inches Size code
      16 inches x 48 inches 1648
      24 inches x 72 inches 2472


      Category 169
      Dimensions in inches Size code
      13 inches x 24 inches 1324
      20 inches x 36 inches 2036


      Category 11
      Dimensions in inches Size code
      12 inches x 12 inches 1212
      16 inches x 16 inches 1616
      24 inches x 24 inches 2424
      36 inches x 36 inches 3636


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Website Updates

We continually update our website with new and exciting features! As professional photographers of wildlife, underwater scenes, and landscapes, this mainly pertains to information about our work, as well as adventures we embark upon. Our professional photography blog is particularly written for photographers who are interested in discovering innovative doors of creativity through the medium of nature photography.



Amar and Isabelle Guillen. Professional Photographers of nature.

We are fascinated and passionate about the beauties of nature. We love to see the landscapes and observe wild animals whether on land or underwater. We have chosen to become professional photographers to share the emotions we feel when we observe nature whether it be on land or underwater. Our goal is to create art with our photographs. We always try to transform the banal into a contemplative and artistic interpretation.

We are wildlife professional photographers, landscape professional photographers and underwater professional photographers. We also strive to document nature with a focus on conservation and education.

We make art prints from our artistic photographs. These art prints are available on our website. We make exhibitions to show all the beauties and the incredible richness of nature that surrounds us.

We also love to share our love for the beauties of nature with other photographers. To communicate our know-how and to exchange our techniques and our points of view, we organize wildlife photography workshops, underwater photography workshops and landscape photography workshops. We gather together people who have the same passion as us for the beautiful photographs taken in nature.

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