Categories and Sizes of the Fine Art Prints

The Beauty of a Turtle Flying in the Red Sea off Egypt.
The Beauty of a Turtle Flying in the Red Sea off Egypt.

Each Print is Available in Different Sizes

Our fine art prints are available in different sizes and different formats. To order, please fill the form with:

  • the category displayed below the photograph (for example: category 32 or category 11).
  • the size code you want to purchase (for example: size 1624 or size 2424).

In the tables below, you will find all categories and all size codes to order a fine art print.


Category 32
Sizes in inches and centimeters Size code
16 inches x 24 inches - 40cm x 60 cm 1624
24 inches x 36 inches - 60 cm x 90 cm 2438


Category 31
Sizes in inches and centimeters Size code
16 inches x 48 inches - 40 cm x 120 cm 1648
24 inches x 72 inches - 60 cm x 180 cm 2472


Category 21
Sizes in inches and centimeters Size code
16 inches x 32 inches - 40 cm x 80 cm 1632
24 inches x 48 inches - 60 cm x 120 cm 2448


Category 169
Sizes in inches and centimeters Size code
13 inches x 24 inches - 33 cm x 60 cm 1324
20 inches x 36 inches - 50 cm x 91 cm 2036


Category 11
Sizes in inches and centimeters Size code
12 inches x 12 inches - 30 cm x 30 cm 1212
16 inches x 16 inches - 40 cm x 40 cm 1616
24 inches x 24 inches - 60 cm x 60 cm 2424
36 inches x 36 inches - 90 cm x 90 cm 3636


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Amar and Isabelle Guillen. Professional Photographers of nature.

Isabelle and Amar Guillen are two photographers specializing in underwater, wildlife, and landscape photography. In 1987, their photographic adventure began while they both prepared for a degree in computer engineering. The visual beauty offered by the sumptuous surrounding landscapes and the wildlife held within began (and continues) to be their source of inspiration. This has led them to entirely devote themselves to a professional photographic career, allowing them to share their contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature. For the last fifteen years, they have photographed both the animals and their terrestrial and underwater natural landscapes. Their photographic scenes are animated by the infinite mysteries hidden in nature.
Through their photographic gaze of nature, they strive to highlight the importance of its conservation. Isabelle and Amar live and exhibit between France and the United States, both of which supply wildlife, landscapes, and cultures, providing inspiration for the Guillen's work. Isabelle and Amar have published several books including "Lights and Colors of the Charente-Maritime Coast", "Reflections of Haute-Saintonge", and "The Secrets of Underwater Photography ".


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