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Color photographs allow digressions and take the audience to the message by secondary ways. The world around us, especially nature, is colorful. A color image can show the way our surroundings really are. Of course, it is possible to interpret that reality through a photograph, and that is what we strive to do in order to fulfill our artistic vision.

An artwork of 'Forgotten Paradise' collection..
An artwork of "Forgotten Paradise" collection.

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The Choice of Color

The language of color photography is based on the rendering of colors, lighting, shapes, textures, etc.

We love to photograph moments that will fade away and be gone forever, leaving no trace, scenes that are impossible to replicate. We have always felt a great need to preserve these fleeting moments in a photograph.

We chose photography as a way to do this over drawing or painting, because these become an interpretation of what we see, whereas photography is an art that shows what is really there. Although we interpret what we see through the framing and composition, what we show is always something real. We want to be faithful witnesses to nature's beauty.

When we contemplate a landscape at sunrise, or watch an animal walking through the woods, we feel a need to preserve the fleeting beauty of the moment. This is why we take pictures.

We use our photographs to show things which no words can describe. The scenes we photograph often cannot be expressed by words. Images are a way for us to express ourselves and show others nature's beauty. We want to capture our audience’s imagination with our photographs.

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