"Illusions in Shades of Blacks and Whites" – Collection of Fine Art Photographs

An illusion is a false interpretation of what one perceives. It is also a deceptive appearance outside of reality.

In our modern societies, the human relationships we have with others or our behavior are more and more illusions. It is fashionable to always say that we feel good while we are bothered, tired. Our physical appearance must always be exemplary, or it will be immediately misjudged and cataloged. As photographic artists, we place a great importance on the way we express ourselves and on our appearance. We have learned that our attitude and appearance shape the perception of our artistic work.

We have the impression that most people we meet give us the illusion of a perfect life, without any pitfall and everything they do is successful. It is by scratching the varnish that we realize that all this is often an illusion.

Is it good? Is it bad? We do not have the answer. Since we live be selling art works, we try to be true, to say what we really think. We take the necessary forms for we are always very frank. We try not to live in the illusion of a life because everything can switch quickly. When one lives in illusion, the fall can be irremediable.

This collection called "illusions" is symbolic of human behavior. All these artistic photographs represent reflections of trees on the surface of the water. We guess them. We can see the trunks and foliage.

Yet they remain unclear. They are only an illusion. For this collection, we chose color to show to suggest happy illusions, sad illusions.

All these photographs were made in black and white. The absence of color allows us to have more minimalist scenes. The spectator's gaze is not distracted by the effects of colors or by the softness of the tones. Here black and white is raw, direct. It helps to apostrophize the viewer by asking him if he is not playing comedy or living in an illusion. The strength of black and white is to interpose in a direct way without illusion.

Living in illusions by creating a life that one thinks is perfect and model is an error that can have terrible consequences. People who live in permanent illusion always live in sweet dreams where everything is beautiful and perfect. Life is much more complex. One must know how to cope and react when problems arise.

Illusions distort reality. They end up giving a smooth reflection, without asperity. Real life is sometimes rough. To reach a goal, sometimes it is necessary to fight, and it is difficult. Illusions do not solve anything. They are always temporary and do not allow to build solid foundations.

You must never be seduced by the song of larks of celebrities who are staged in magazines or social networks or in the media. All is illusion and factitious. They can make you dream but you must never forget that everything is hollow like an illusion.

All these fine art photographs meet strict specifications for their realization and certification as we explain in this page. Each of these art prints is a guarantee for you to acquire a durable work that you will never tire of.

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Ref: 01-180609DOMMIN0191B
Illusion I
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW IV
Ref: 02-180609DOMMIN0181B
Illusion II
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW II
Ref: 03-180609DOMMIN0174B
Illusion III
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW I
Ref: 04-180609DOMMIN0185B
Illusion IV
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW III
Ref: 05-180609DOMMIN0313B
Illusion V
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW V
Ref: 06-180609DOMMIN0379B
Illusion VI
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW VI
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