"Illusions in Shades of Blacks and Whites" – Collection of Fine Art Photographs

Collections of Fine Art Prints of Nature by Amar and Isabelle Guillen.

An illusion is a false interpretation of what one perceives. It is also a deceptive appearance outside of reality.

In our modern society, human relationships and human behavior is gradually becoming more based on illusions. It is fashionable to always say that we feel good even if we are annoyed or tired. Our physical appearance must always be exemplary, and if it is not, then we immediately assume that we will be judged or stereotyped. As photographic artists, we place a great importance on the way in which we express ourselves through our appearance. We have learned that our attitude and the way in which we dress shapes other’s perceptions of us as professionals and our artistic work.

Most individuals we meet give us the illusion of a perfect life, unmarked by mistakes or failures. However, we eventually “scratch the varnish” of their immaculate life to reveal an illusion that shrouds reality.

Is this good? Is this bad? We do not have an easy answer. Since we make a living from be selling art works, we prize the virtue of truth. We always say what is on our minds. We take the necessary precautions as we are direct and frank. As artistic photographers, we try not to live ensnared within the illusion of a life, because these tumultuous misconceptions can be very unstable and unreliable. Unfortunately, when a person lives according to an illusion, their imminent downfall can be irremediable.

This collection called "illusions" is symbolic of human behavior. These artistic photographs display the reflections of trees on the surface of water. We can imagine the detail and structure. We can see the trunks and foliage.

And yet, the trees themselves remain unclear. They are only an illusion. For this collection, we chose black and white.

All these photographs were made in black and white. The absence of color allows us to present clean, focused, and minimalist scenes. The spectator's gaze is not distracted by the effects of colors or by the softness of tones. Here, we can see the image in black and white. The detail is raw and direct. We address the viewer by asking him if he is a part of a comedy, if he is perhaps living in an illusion. The strength of black and white interposes the viewer and reality in a direct way through the illustration of illusion.

Living in illusions by creating a life that one thinks is perfect can have terrible consequences. People who live in permanent illusion create the sweetest dreams where everything is beautiful and perfect. However, this is fake. Life continues to be difficult and complex. One must know how to cope and react when problems arise.

Illusions distort reality. They end up emitting a smooth reflection, without asperity. Real life is sometimes rough. To reach a goal, it is necessary to fight, which can be a grave struggle. Illusions do not solve any problems. They are always temporary and prevent the individual from building solid foundations.

You must never be seduced by the acts of celebrities who stage themselves in magazines, social networks, and in the media. These images are factitious. They can encourage you to dream, but you must never forget that these hollow dreams fade as an illusion.

All these fine art photographs meet strict specifications for their realization and certification as we explain in this page. Each of these art prints is a guarantee for you to acquire a durable work that you will never tire of.

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Illusion I
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW IV
Illusion II
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW II
Illusion III
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW I
Illusion IV
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW III
Illusion V
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW V
Illusion VI
Reflections of Trees on Water
Artwork Name: Illusion in BW VI


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