June-July 2014 : exhibition about the big animals of Charente-Maritime forests in Royan, France

we present 30 photographs in the photographic art gallery D&S Souchon in the city of Royan in Charente-Maritime, France. Two years of work were needed to create these pictures of the lords of the woods of the Charente-Maritime region. We spent hundreds of hours in the woods, forests and prairies to capture these special moments. We wanted to highlight the beauty of the deers, wild boar, fallow deers in their natural environments. We paid special attention to the choice of the lights to decorate and dress the most beautiful colors of the coats of animals. We wanted to show in a simple way, the natural beauty of this very misunderstood area for wildlife photography.


Wildlife photo exhibition 'The Lords of the forests of Charente-Maritime'
Exhibition 'The lords of the woods of Charente-Maritime'.

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