Landscape photography workshops

If you are a landscape photographer who is fascinated by beautiful vistas, if you want to open up new horizons and learn new skills, then join us for a landscape photography workshop. We offer you a unique experience that is much more than a tutorial on how to use your gear. You will gain all the technical knowledge you need for successful photos, but you will also learn how to observe landscapes better and travel with other photographers who share your interests.

Sunset Over Mesa Verde in Colorado in United States.
Sunset Over Mesa Verde in Colorado in United States.

Creating beautiful landscape photographs

If you want to explore new ways to take creative photographs, then join us. We will help you free your creativity and channel your imagination to create beautiful and original landscape photos.

If you want to take beautiful pictures and bring back wonderful memories from your travels, but you still have trouble with technical terms, camera settings, and the framing, composition, and processing of your photos, then join us for a photography workshop. We will help you understand the technical terms and acquire the skills you need to create the photos you dream about.

During our travels, we often encounter photographers who have trouble with blurry or improperly exposed photos, with composing and framing their photos, with using their cameras properly, or with editing their photos on the computer. We started our landscape photography workshops to share our technical knowledge with people like that. Within days, with our educational approach, you will be satisfied and not frustrated with your photographs.

Learning a wide range of new skills

Our landscape photography courses are based on examples and practice. We'll reveal tips for successful pictures. We never use abstract, confusing technical jargon. We will help you refine your style, and you will enjoy creating photographs.

We use stories from our experience to explain various concepts. We will talk about artistic sensitivity, framing, color, and the right way to use light. We have extensive experience as professional photographers, and we have trained hundreds of photographers. Everything we teach is based on our experience, and we never lose sight of the fundamentals of photography.

During our landscape photography workshops, we study techniques for taking HDR and panoramic photographs. We also explain about gray or neutral density filters and filters for black-and-white photos. We explore all the possibilities offered by the lighting available at different times of the day, such as the blue hour, and during different seasons.

We also study the basic techniques of landscape photography: managing the depth of field, hyperfocal techniques, and long exposures. After we demonstrate a technique, you get a chance to practice it. Landscape photography requires a constant search for lighting which highlights the beauty of the scene you are photographing. Finding inspiration is not always easy, because first you have to find the right place to put your tripod. During our workshops, we teach you how to place yourself in your surroundings, how to choose a scene to photograph, and how to frame and compose your photos.

We believe that all the natural landscapes are beautiful. We must learn how to look at them and see their beauty, and then highlight it in our photographs. During the workshop, we will give you tips to help you develop your creativity and find inspiration. We never leave anything to chance: everything is thought through. When the unexpected or extraordinary happens, we are always ready with our cameras.

We love to discover treasures hidden close to home. We will share our expertise and knowledge with you to help you see the beauty in your everyday surroundings.

Knowing how to use your equipment is also important in landscape photography. We will discuss cameras, lenses, tripods, balls, and filters. We will give you the best advice we can so that you will avoid unpleasant surprises out in the field and be able to take good pictures.

Sharing our love for the beauties of nature

If, like us, you love the beauties of nature, you will marvel at the wealth of opportunities for wonderful landscape photos that are open to you. Observing beautiful landscapes will always give you great joy.

Our goal is to help you enjoy the beauties of nature. We will teach you what you need to create beautiful landscape photographs. We will not ask unnecessary questions or distract you from the beauty in front of you. We always take small groups — no more than 5 or 6 people — on our photo workshops, so that we can talk to everyone individually and help them fulfill their creative potential.

Traveling with other photographers

Participating in a landscape photography workshop with us is a great way to meet and relax with other photographers who share your passion for the beauties of nature, all while learning new techniques. You will enjoy this vacation where you can exchange inspirations, impressions and technical insights with other photographers who share your interests.


  •   StefanieThe atmosphere during the trip was excellent and the workshop was very comprehensive. The schedule was followed consistently. We visited many different sites. I should add that the training computer was very high quality. The sites chosen for the pictures were beautiful and picturesque, and they reflected the region well. Amar is a very professional, competent photographer. He is always attentive to the participants, and is especially good at adapting himself to each photographer and giving the right advice at the right time.


  •   RobertThis landscape photography workshop was a revelation to me. I made an incredible amount of progress, and the atmosphere was wonderful. Charente-Maritime is a gorgeous region, perfectly suited to learning landscape photography. Amar is very professional and a very good teacher. He constantly encouraged us to improve our skills. The trip was very well organized. Although the weather was unpredictable, there were plans for every possibility. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their photography skills.



Some pictures of our previous landscape photo trips and workshops

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Photography Workshops Dedicated to Nature Enthusiasts


Not only do our workshops in wildlife, underwater, or landscape photography initiate training of photographs, but they also provide you with the opportunity to learn digital photo editing. Our photography training courses will allow you to learn the techniques of artistic photography whether you are a beginner photographer or a confirmed photographer. We invite you to join us in this adventure!



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Amar and Isabelle Guillen. Professional Photographers of nature.

Isabelle and Amar Guillen are two photographers specializing in underwater, wildlife, and landscape photography. In 1987, their photographic adventure began while they both prepared for a degree in computer engineering. The visual beauty offered by the sumptuous surrounding landscapes and the wildlife held within began (and continues) to be their source of inspiration. This has led them to entirely devote themselves to a professional photographic career, allowing them to share their contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature. For the last fifteen years, they have photographed both the animals and their terrestrial and underwater natural landscapes. Their photographic scenes are animated by the infinite mysteries hidden in nature.
Through their photographic gaze of nature, they strive to highlight the importance of its conservation. Isabelle and Amar live and exhibit between France and the United States, both of which supply wildlife, landscapes, and cultures, providing inspiration for the Guillen's work. Isabelle and Amar have published several books including "Lights and Colors of the Charente-Maritime Coast", "Reflections of Haute-Saintonge", and "The Secrets of Underwater Photography ".