Landscape photography: a form of art that allows us to express ourselves. Part 2

This landscape of Charente-Maritime has a real subject: the net hut. We have choosen an atmosphere with cottony tones. This landscape of Charente-Maritime has a real subject: the net hut. We have choosen an atmosphere with cottony tones.

When there is a visible subject, the emotional atmosphere of the photo adds extra emphasis

Sometimes, when there is a visible subject, such as a mountain stream, the emotional atmosphere of the photo strengthens its message and increases its interest.

That is why we use a lot of filters in our photography. In addition to their technical uses, such as allowing us to improve the dynamic range and correct overexposed or underexposed areas, filters allow us to completely change the atmosphere of an image to create a strong emotional impression.

How we create our landscape pictures

Our landscape photos are never created randomly or on the spur of the moment. First, we always go through the recognition phase that we have talked about in other articles. During this stage, we let our imaginations run free as we look at the area around us. We try to define the emotions which the scene arouses in us. We describe it in words such as dreaminess, abstraction, melancholy, joy, sorrow, etc. Once we have done this, either we set up our equipment or we note the place and come back later when the lighting is more suitable for what we want. If we cannot define the emotional atmosphere of the landscape, we go away, because we will not be able to take good photographs there.

Creating a landscape picture is always very personal. Such a photograph will appeal to some people, but not to others. We try to take photos that people will be interested in. For us, the worst case scenario is for no one to be interested in our pictures. That means that we failed to convey any emotions through the photo.

We always say that we practice photography in order to be loved. We do it to express what we feel, and we are always happy when someone is interested in our photos.

We believe that a landscape photograph should be thoughtful and express the photographer’s emotions. If it does not evoke any emotion, the photograph is simply a picture, not a work of art. This is why Gwenn Seemel’s definition of art works so well for us. A landscape photograph has to come from the heart. When we are explaining this to people, we often say, “It has to come from the gut.”

This landscape photographed in the morning before sunrise inspired us joy, happiness, energy. This landscape photographed in the morning before sunrise inspired us joy, happiness, energy.

Technical mastery is also essential

To create a beautiful landscape photograph, the ability to convey emotions through photographs is essential, but before this can be achieved, mastery of the technology and techniques must be attained. Technical mastery is the foundation of beautiful photography. When we mention technical mastery, we mean both knowledge of how to use the equipment, and of how to process the photo. When technical mastery and emotion converge, the product is a picture which will interest an audience.


Over time, landscape photography has become a necessary part of our lives, because it is a form of art that allow us to fully express ourselves. When we are on the field, recording nature’s beauties, we are always serene, calm and happy. It is in these moments that we find joy and discover answers to our questions. Landscape photography allowed us to find the balance that we had sought for so long.


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