Professional landscape photographers

Landscapes are beautiful and inspiring. Our passion for the beauties of nature has led us to appreciate and enjoy them. We love the wide variety of landscapes. They range from the snowy slopes of mountains to lush forests and fertile meadows. We have always wanted to share with others the emotions we experience around landscapes. Landscape photography became the only way for us to demonstrate the whole range of our emotions. It has become a way for us to showcase the beauties of nature.

A Waterfall in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, United States.
A Waterfall in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, United States.

Inspired by beautiful landscapes

All our inspiration comes from contemplation of the beauties of nature. Landscapes are only one facet of nature. We travel to discover new landscapes, and we look at each one we find to see how we can best capture all of its colors and details in a photograph. We always try to find the view which will bring to others the same joy that we feel when we see it.

We are always looking for the lighting which will bring out the best in the scenes which we photograph. This is our photographic vision. We always do our best to show the true beauty of the wonderful landscapes that are our source of inspiration.

All compositions and frames are carefully designed and perfectly fit in with our photographic vision and the message we want to deliver.

Photographing landscapes to raise awareness

Our landscape photographs are intended to express our emotions about a beautiful scene. We love the harmony of shapes, colors, and lights in landscapes. It is very difficult for us to translate the emotions we feel into words. The image has become a great way for us to showcase nature’s beauty, whether in our exhibitions, our books, or our reports. We always try to show the fragility of nature and how much its survival depends on reasoned and reasonable human behavior.

Landscapes are represented in many books, magazines and postcards. Pictures of them are found nearly everywhere. However, we always manage to amaze and surprise our audiences at our shows or during our presentations. Many people know the places we photograph but they are often surprised by the way we have photographed them, using different angles or unusual, beautiful lighting. Any landscape can be photographed in a multitude of different ways. People see landscapes so often that they just become part of their environment, and nobody pays attention to them anymore.

Our work as professional photographers is to create landscape photographs which remind people of the fragility and beauty of this wonderful world.

Rediscovering forgotten beauty

One of our specialities is to try to show people the beauty and variety of the landscapes that they see all the time. We try to find the treasures hidden in everyday places. We try to surprise people with the beauty of the landscapes close to them and inspire them to go rediscover the beauties that lie just beyond their garden gate.

Using photo techniques to show the beauties of landscapes

To better demonstrate the beauties of landscapes, we use all available photographic techniques. We prefer photographs with wide dynamic ranges show all the fine details of each landscape. Textures and materials are important elements in landscape photography. But the techniques are not an end in themselves for us. They are only means to achieve our end, and that end is to create a work of art that can be treasured for generations to come.

Share with other photographers our passion for landscapes

We love to meet other photographers who are also passionate about beautiful landscapes. We share our techniques and our knowledge about landscapes. This is an opportunity for us to share our passion for the beauties of nature with other photographers who also seek for inspiration from nature. Sharing our techniques often allows participants in our photo trips to discover new artistic inspiration.