“Leaving” – A Collection of Fine Art Photos in Shades of Blacks and Whites

Leaving. This word makes a lot of people dreaming.

Who did not want to leave a few days or weeks to discover other cultures, other horizons. Who did not want to leave to disconnect from everyday life to discover other horizons. Who did not want to leave on a foggy morning to meet someone on the other side of the earth.

Leaving requires courage, sincerity, pugnacity. Few people can leave to fulfill their dreams and choose their destiny. Saying it, is so easy but doing it really is a real challenge. Fear is the main obstacle. What will we find when we leave? How are we going when we get where we decided to go? Strange attitude because it is precisely to forget the daily, the routine that we want to leave.

Leaving is to agree to drop everything for at least one period. Leaving is to go to see that the grass is not greener at the neighbor. Leaving is to realize that everything was in our garden but that we did not pay and attention. Leaving is to seek and find our own destiny. Leaving is to create the foundations of our life. Leaving is never to have anything to regret when we arrived at the destination. Leaving is to choose to turn around to see that we have achieved the goals we set ourselves. Leaving is to take paths that we thought to be incapable of taking. Leaving is to climb mountains to better see the horizon that is offered to us. Leaving is to say that we are the only judge of our life. Leaving is to say to our self that we do not have to undergo the escapades of the others, of those who think to know what is good for us.

In our case, we have chosen to leave. The path was difficult, chaotic, winding. We had not planned anything. Everything was set up little by little. We have achieved some goals. Now everything seems infinite. Our dreams are even bigger.

This collection of black and white artistic photographs shows roads that symbolize the action of leaving, making a real choice in a lifetime. These photographs represent the emotions that we felt in tough times during which we doubted. The clouds represent those periods of unrest where fear has taken over our courage. These fine art photos show that paths can be winding or straight.

Leaving is also to never forget where we come from. Our roots are essential. They are the ones who shape our consciousness and allow us to relate to reality. These roots are stuck in our body. Sometimes they try to hang us on the ground by preventing us from going further in our quest. But the roots are only the bedrock of our life. The antlers and foliage that we build over time is the most important for us.

To choose to leave is to choose to be free.

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Ref: 01-180125DVALAN0478B
Leaving BW I
Death Valley
Ref: 02-180125DVALAN0486B
Leaving BW II
Death Valley
Ref: 03-180125DVALAN0488B
Leaving BW III
Death Valley
Ref: 04-180125DVALAN0502B
Leaving BW IV
Death Valley
Ref: 05-180125DVALAN0507B
Leaving BW V
Death Valley
Ref: 06-180125DVALAN0518B
Leaving BW VI
Death Valley
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