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As we have described in our photographic vision, our main business is artistic photography. To show our contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature, we have chosen to use the lights and colors as well as the use of black and white. These are two totally different forms of expressions that are dependent on the photograph and its purpose.

Lights and colors photo portfolio of Amar and Isabelle Guillen.

Using lights and colors to show the beauties of nature

In our approach named “Lights and Colors”, we are used to saying that we behave like seekers of lights and colors. We always try to glean these little magical moments whether during the blue hour or the famous quarter-hour magic where the glowing tones blaze the earth and the sky giving the impression of joining the creation of the world. The term gleaning is not overused.

We must constantly look for the right framing and good compositions to sublimate nature. We must take what nature offers us. As photographers, we are only guests and we must await the goodwill of Mother Nature. Sometimes nothing happens, and we have to come back some other time. However, sometimes, the shows are amazing and everything is totally unpredictable.

We prefer to take pictures at dawn and dusk, because at those times, the light enhances every element of the scene. The colors are more vivid, the contrast is stronger, and the details are clearer. We can capture every detail of a bird’s plumage or an animal’s fur. We can also create beautiful patterns of light around the elements in our pictures. When we use artificial light for underwater photography, we use special techniques that combine natural and artificial light to create the best possible photograph.

In color photography, perseverance and patience are major assets of nature photographers. It is for this reason that we constantly return to the same places to create our photos. We are never tired of the show.


Portfolio: Lights and colors

Landscape portfolio in lights and colors of Amar and Isabelle Guillen

Landscape portfolio in lights and colors

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Wildlife portfolio in lights and colors of Amar and Isabelle Guillen

Wildlife Portfolio in Lights and Colors

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Underwater portfolio in lights and colors of Amar and  Isabelle Guillen

Underwater portfolio in lights and colors

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We continually update our website with new and exciting features! As professional photographers of wildlife, underwater scenes, and landscapes, this mainly pertains to information about our work, as well as adventures we embark upon. Our professional photography blog is particularly written for photographers who are interested in discovering innovative doors of creativity through the medium of nature photography.



Amar and Isabelle Guillen. Professional Photographers of nature.

We are fascinated and passionate about the beauties of nature. We love to see the landscapes and observe wild animals whether on land or underwater. We have chosen to become professional photographers to share the emotions we feel when we observe nature whether it be on land or underwater. Our goal is to create art with our photographs. We always try to transform the banal into a contemplative and artistic interpretation.

We are wildlife professional photographers, landscape professional photographers and underwater professional photographers. We also strive to document nature with a focus on conservation and education.

We make art prints from our artistic photographs. These art prints are available on our website. We make exhibitions to show all the beauties and the incredible richness of nature that surrounds us.

We also love to share our love for the beauties of nature with other photographers. To communicate our know-how and to exchange our techniques and our points of view, we organize wildlife photography workshops, underwater photography workshops and landscape photography workshops. We gather together people who have the same passion as us for the beautiful photographs taken in nature.

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