Nature is the Source of our Photo Inspiration

We believe that the contemplation of the beauties of Nature has the power to help nourish and unify all human beings. We strive to create artistic photographs that connect us to emotions and perceptions that no one has regular access to in their daily lives.

Nature inspires us to create. We are always amazed by the richness of the landscapes surrounding us when we walk, as well as the diversity of the seascapes enveloping us when we dive. For us, it is through observing, appreciating and respecting the beauties of nature that helps us to see each morning as the beginning of the first day of the rest of our lives.

Inspired by the Beauties of Nature

It is in the contemplation of nature that we find the inspiration to create our photographs. From each new day, we draw energy to live and move forward in the contemplation of nature. Nature provides us with the inspiration to create. We are always amazed by the richness of the landscapes that surround us when we walk or the diversity of the seascapes when we dive. Observation of the natural world, whether on land or underwater, gives us incomparable joys that are continually refreshed each day.

We love to show nature that expands beyond that which is visible; that is, to find natural elements that align to create harmonious compositions. We then use colors and techniques to enhance the beauty of our subjects.

Our Feelings When We Encounter Nature

We love foggy morning walks in the woods. We savor the peaceful autumn afternoons when oak leaves crunch under our feet and the sun slips through openings in the leaves, dappling the ground with ever-changing patterns of light and shadow. We love to be enfolded by the fresh breeze of the early morning hours when winter is just beginning, and we look forward to finding the first buds of spring. We love sunrises which slowly reveal the details of the landscape around us, and sunsets over the sea that just might show us an unusual and beautiful green ray. We linger in awe at mineral landscapes as the sun shows us the infinite and subtle gradations of color.

Whether we are closing our eyes and breathing the scent of the fields and woods or following the footsteps of big mammals in grasslands and forests, or surprising a deer in a bend, we discover an immense pleasure. We have fun watching a sow taking her piglets for a race or watching a deer returning to his thicket. We like to sit and lean against a tree trunk on a hillside and simply lose ourselves in distant landscapes.

We will observe the cold, intense look of sharks, or the reaction of large schools of fish when we disturb them with our bubbles. We like to watch the apparent chaos of colorful underwater depths. We love to see a manatee mother protecting her baby under her tail, as well as the nocturnal ballet performance of the manta rays when they feed on plankton.

We love the feeling of tranquility and calm after a long day spent exploring and observing the beauties of nature.

A Passion for the Beauties of Nature

We are passionate for the beauties of nature. Every landscape and seascape is unique and can be seen and photographed in a thousand different ways. Every animal’s glance or action is unique.

What we enjoy most about nature is the serenity and harmony that we find there. On every journey, whether it's a place we know or a new destination, we always experience the same excitement and desire to fully immerse ourselves in it. We desire to be submerged in these scents. We like to feel the wind on our skin, and the cold that sometimes surprises us. Every dawn and every twilight is different for those who know how to look. We are lucky to be among those people who are easily surprised.

Nature always has a great imagination when it comes to being facetious. This is true with the animal world, the plant world or the mineral world.

Nature is not perfect. Huge upheavals like volcanic eruptions or earthquakes can happen, and maybe one day we will be swept away by one of them. Nevertheless, this proposition is indifferent to us, and we are not concerned. We are always subjugated by the power of natural elements. The human being has not yet found ways to counteract these phenomena that can destroy everything. And yet, everything will be rebuilt in a natural way. It is this magic that we appreciate. When we are facing a scene, we wonder how it will evolve. These are mysterious phenomena that we do not understand and cannot control. The human being is so predictable that it does not interest us as subjects. There is so much to understand in nature that we are strongly attracted to see without ever fully understanding why.


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Amar and Isabelle Guillen. Professional Photographers of nature.

We are fascinated and passionate about the beauties of nature. We love to see the landscapes and observe wild animals whether on land or underwater. We have chosen to become professional photographers to share the emotions we feel when we observe nature whether it be on land or underwater. Our goal is to create art with our photographs. We always try to transform the banal into a contemplative and artistic interpretation.

We are wildlife professional photographers, landscape professional photographers and underwater professional photographers. We also strive to document nature with a focus on conservation and education.

We make art prints from our artistic photographs. These art prints are available on our website. We make exhibitions to show all the beauties and the incredible richness of nature that surrounds us.

We also love to share our love for the beauties of nature with other photographers. To communicate our know-how and to exchange our techniques and our points of view, we organize wildlife photography workshops, underwater photography workshops and landscape photography workshops. We gather together people who have the same passion as us for the beautiful photographs taken in nature.

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