Nature is the Source of our Photographic Inspiration

Nature inspires us to create. We continue to be amazed by the richness of the landscapes surrounding us when we walk, as well as the diversity of the seascapes enveloping us when we dive. For us, it is through observation, appreciation, and respect for the wonders of nature that enables us to view each morning as the beginning of the first day of the rest of our lives.

Canyonlands landscape in Utah in the United States. The magic of black and white and mineral beauties.
Canyonlands landscape in Utah in the United States. The magic of black and white and mineral wonders.

We believe that contemplation of the beauties of nature has the power to nourish and unify all human beings. We strive to create artistic photographs that connect us to the emotions and perceptions that cannot be regularly accessed in our daily lives.

Inspired by the Wonders of Nature

It is in the contemplation of nature that we find the inspiration to create our photographs.

For us, photography is first and foremost, a process of research and discovery.

  • It is the search for the right scene for our camera to record.
  • It is the discovery of a magical moment where we look at the captured scene on a camera, or even better, on a computer screen. It is at this precise moment, when the picture appears to us, that we feel true emotion, which is a gift of photography.

When we look at our photographs on a screen or on paper, our eyes are focused on the essentials; for example, the framing we have chosen. Our eyes are no longer disturbed by the elements outside of the scene.

It is at this precise moment that we can measure the beauty of nature’s blessings to us.

It is also at this moment that we measure the fragility of nature. It shows us our need to respect and nourish it.

This is how we envision our passion for the wonders of nature.

Creating Extraordinary with Ordinary

In our photographs of nature, we always strive to show the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

We are sure that the extraordinary can be present in our garden. We do not have to travel far to observe and photograph the wonders of nature.

The inspiration sometimes stems from a simple landscape or a common animal. All it takes for us to capture the extraordinary is a tree, a forest, or a meadow where illumination occurs. It is enough for an ordinary animal to have an expression or an evocative attitude. It only takes a single magical moment to inspire us.

We do not have to go far. We merely need to know how to look and dream, so that our imagination might paint in our minds the photo we wish to create.

To be inspired by nature, you simply need to know how to appreciate life every day. We usually say that every morning must be tasted with delight and that it is the beginning of a new life.

We believe that it is not possible to magnify something we do not believe in. Even if the inspiration comes from the observation of the wonders of nature, we also look for it in other artistic forms. We love painting, sculpture, drawing, architecture, and music. We seek ideas to express ourselves in all forms of art.

Artists have a gift. If they exercise it, then we are inspired by them.

Creating Artistic Photographic of Nature

Our compositions, our framings, and each photographic element we choose means something. We never leave anything to chance. Everything we build has meaning. Everything must be scrutinized. Colors, gradients, shapes, and symbolism affect not only the conscious but also the subconscious.

Carefully choosing the elements to trigger reactions in the subconscious can generate powerful responses to our photographs. It is for this reason that we observe nature. We strive to appeal to the essence of our viewers, to affect their life force within.

The creation of a beautiful photographic work of nature requires vast preparation, whether in the field or during the developmental phase. We study light, colors, the foreground, the background, and the negative space. Once we mentally determine all the photographic elements to relate to, we focus on determining the reinforced elements to improve the reading of the image. We also look for the attributes of each element. Then we carefully choose the point of view to obtain the best composition and the most effective framing to convey our message.

Photography requires patience and time. Only preparation, waiting, and self-sacrifice can produce an interesting creative result.

To create a photographic work that will interest at least a few people is a privilege and an honor for us.

Nature allows us to create symbolic works. We like to associate anthropomorphic symbols with the scenes we photograph. Nature is not only aesthetic, but it becomes a medium for transmitting messages.

Simplicity is at the Heart of Our Work

We like simplicity in our photographs. Nature is simple. She is direct. It is for this reason that we do not like to use complicated material when setting up our many assistants for a scene.

We like ethereal, dreamlike, and evocative atmospheres with a strong symbolic power. We always choose our scenes as they arise. We enjoy being surprised. Then we capture the long-awaited moment.

A Long-term Job

It is not enough to be inspired by the wonders of nature when creating interesting photographic works. This is a necessary condition, but it is not enough.

Our artistic work is based on the recognition of places, the knowledge of animal behaviors, and the control of light. But it is also based on repetition. Nature is changing. No scene is ever the same twice. Before creating a good artistic photo, we often travel to the same location again and again.

We used to say that we only photograph well that which we know well. A photographic work is never the result of chance. We strive to capture unusual and unique scenes from those already made by other photographers. We enjoy presenting images in a new perspective. Often, we are lucky. But we are opportunists. We try to always create the necessary conditions for luck to arise. We resolve to meet fortune in an open surrounding. We often say that without luck, we would not have encountered the success we know today.

Technique is Necessary

Technique is a necessary element to create photographic art works of nature. But it is not enough. When customers buy our works to hang on walls, they are primarily affected by the emotions they feel watching them.

Each art work meets its audience. Each person is affected differently. It's not the technique that interests buyers. They do not dwell on the choice of depth of field or the management of negative space. Only the emotional side makes them buy the art print.

It took a lot of time and experience for us to understand that nature was our source of inspiration. We spent a lot of time and energy to define our creative approach. Nature gave us maturity and the experience to understand why we are on the earth.

Nature has provided us with the meaning to our life. It is for this reason that in our photos, our essential take-away is the meaning we give to our viewers. This is more important than the technique. That is what makes our photographs exceptional.

The Foundations of Our Life

The contemplation of nature has not only inspired us with our photographic art works but has allowed us to build the true foundations of our existence. Our values come from our observations and the symbiosis we feel when we contemplate the landscape or observe the animal world on land or underwater.


By photographing nature, we learned the basics. Everything is in our garden. We only need to know how to look and appreciate what we observe through the lens of a camera. We know how to extract the important from any situation or scene that may arise. It is not necessary to go to the end of the world to find the extraordinary, it can be found in the ordinary.

This is also true for the relationships we have with other people. We have learned to be patient, to listen, and to develop empathy. We have learned how to recognize when our relationships are sincere and true. Sometimes, the most extraordinary of people may at first appear to be ordinary.

We owe everything to nature.

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