News About Our Wildlife, Underwater, and Landscape Photography Projects

As professional photographers specializing in wildlife, underwater and landscape photography, we travel to gain experiences which will become future projects. Although these projects are created to fulfill the special requests of our customers, they are also opportunities to gain artistic photos for our fine art photography collections.

Horse Shoe Bend in Arizona, United States.
Horse Shoe Bend in Arizona, United States.

Latest News

It is important for us to share our experiences and our photographs taken on the field. These images come either directly from our camera or from our editing table with slight post-processing to highlight the focus of our artistic research. We believe that it is important to always share our work, our experience and our thoughts to gain constructive feedback.

Generally, we have a monthly project. It can last for a few days or for two weeks. As we photograph nature, conditions vary, and we must constantly adapt to continue making excellent photos.

Often, we are asked if we take many photographs while on the field. Everything depends on the subject - both the external conditions and our own physical state. In wildlife photography projects, we can make more than 2000 photos during a work week. Indeed, we often shoot in a burst mode to freeze a behavior or an attitude. The number of photos for underwater photography projects is much smaller, ranging from 500 to 600 shots per week. For landscape photography projects, we limit ourselves to about a hundred photos a week, as it is the light that conditions our photos. In landscape photography, we are working rather in the morning or towards the end of the afternoon. Midday is spent looking for certain sites and points of view.

Nevertheless, after we have captured our photos, we narrow the collection to only a few pictures per project. For customer projects, we usually keep about twenty photos. For our individual projects, a collection never exceeds twelve photos.