"Parallel Universes in Shades of Blacks and Whites" – Collection of Fine Art Photographs

Collections of Fine Art Prints of Nature by Amar and Isabelle Guillen.

For this collection of art prints in our style, shades of blacks and whites, we wanted to create a photographic series of timeless works inspiring calm, serenity, and a sense of strangeness. We wanted the photographs to be somewhat hypnotic, so that the viewer might contemplate each work and be lulled by the horizontal lines stretching from left to right and from right to left.

This collection is created with minimalist photographs featured in black and white. A central point throughout this series was an emphasis on the basic foundations of each photograph without a digression into color. We wanted to catch the spectator's eye by revealing the essentials, encouraging him to dwell on his own life and his own behavior.

All these artistic photographs were made from waves on the surface of the water. This provides an impression of an abstract work. However, these photographs seem realistic and natural.

For us, each horizontal line represents an independent universe. Each parallel line seems to exist without touching the others. Everything occurring in one universe does not alter the progress of others. They are each independent.

A universe can be a person, or it can exist in the astronomical sense. We were inspired by the people we encounter each day, even those who we spot on the street. Most are concentrated on the screen of their phone, or they are lost in thought. But whatever the reason, we do not merely exist for them. We find that human beings, even if they live side by side, interact very little. For most of them, only their personal universe is important. To these people, it is as if the world revolves around their needs and desires. They take pictures of things in their everyday life to cheaply display on social networks and websites, often thinking they are the most important entities in the world.

These waves that deform the surface of the water are only temporary. They begin to transform, change shape, and increase in speed. Then they simply disappear by dissipating on the shoreline. They cleanly represent the image of our lives or the life of our universe which is in perpetual expansion, and which fades so quickly.

Some waves are linear. These are flat, formatted lives. They represent discipline and rigor. Other waves are curved, reflecting lives that constantly shift in response to others’ influences.

The use of black and white minimalizes detail and focuses the viewer’s attentions on the central points featured in the photograph. This provides a contrast for the viewer to identify perceptions of illusions in his own personal life.

We created these art photos to show the past, present, and future of every human being. Under the waves, the water resembles our past on which we build our lives. These waves themselves are our present reality that is consistently moving from one place to the next. Above the waves, our future is emerging and taking form. We choose it, or others choose it for us.

The framing provides physical boundaries that correspond to our societies. Even if we believe ourselves to be free, we are still confined by certain beliefs, myths, and rules of common life. Our space of freedom is shared with the influences of other people we meet.

If we extrapolate the lines to our astronomical universe, the framework defines the limits of our expansion. In this way, we see that everything is limited. Nothing appears to be infinite.

The use of black and white allows the viewer to contemplate the possibility for parallel universes. It allows one to imagine how differences define the individual characteristics of a universe. Black and white simplifies the scene and presents it in a clean and minimal format. This reflects how we know our own beliefs; we have clearly defined how we live our lives each day.

Each person must define his own universe. An essential condition for a successful life is to have no regrets by the end. This universe must always be open to others. We must leave an open door for others who share our values, and for those who we impart our knowledge.

All these fine art photographs meet strict specifications for their realization and certification as we explain in this page. Each of these art prints is a guarantee for you to acquire a durable work that you will never tire of.

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Parallel Universes I
Waves on Water
Artwork Name: Parallel Universes in BW I
Parallel Universes II
Waves on Water
Artwork Name: Parallel Universes in BW II
Parallel Universes III
Waves on Water
Artwork Name: Parallel Universes in BW III
Parallel Universes IV
Waves on Water
Artwork Name: Parallel Universes in BW IV
Parallel Universes V
Waves on Water
Artwork Name: Parallel Universes in BW V
Parallel Universes VI
Waves on Water
Artwork Name: Parallel Universes in BW VI


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