Photo series: sand dunes in black and white

Sandy deserts, and especially sand dunes, are fascinating subjects for photography. We like the vast areas of bare, varied forms, and the apparent absence of life for those who do not know what to look for.

One day, while we were in the western Egyptian desert, we heard a dune singing while we were running on a sandy slope. That memory has changed us forever. This extraordinary phenomenon is undoubtedly the source of our love for these sand formations that never stop changing as the winds blow.

Sand dunes inspire in us the tranquility, serenity and peace that we seek constantly in our artistic quest.

Black and white is a perfect medium to use for sharing the emotions we feel when we walk into a sandy desert. It allows us to clearly show the delicate details of the sand grains and the harmonious, ephemeral forms of these moving structures.

Photos added on november 25th 2014

Sand dunes in Death Valley, California. November 2014.

Sand dunes in Death Valley, California. November 2014.

Sand dunes in Death Valley, California. November 2014.

Sand dunes in Death Valley, California. November 2014.

Amar and Isabelle Guillen

We are fascinated and passionate about the beauties of nature. We love to see the landscapes and observe wild animals whether on land or underwater. We have chosen to become professional photographers to share the emotions we feel when we observe nature whether it be on land or underwater. Our goal is to create art with our photographs. We always try to transform the banal into a contemplative and artistic interpretation.

We are wildlife professional photographers, landscape professional photographers and underwater professional photographers. We also strive to document nature with a focus on conservation and education.

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We also love to share our love for the beauties of nature with other photographers. To communicate our know-how and to exchange our techniques and our points of view, we organize wildlife photography workshops, underwater photography workshops and landscape photography workshops. We gather together people who have the same passion as us for the beautiful photographs taken in nature.

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