Shades of Blacks and Whites: Deer in the Mist – A Collection of Fine Art Photos

Red Deer are elegant animals that display both grace and power. We have been photographing them for years. Each year, we spend weeks in the forests of France to capture their behavior during the birth of fawns in spring or at the time of the rut in autumn. We never tire of such shows.

For us, the red deer, which is a symbol of animal power, is also the king of the European forests. We had the opportunity to observe their sights while we were in blinds. We have always been impressed by their stature and their pride that is revealed through the red deer’s powerful body.

For this collection, we chose to show red deer in the mist during the fall. The red deer we show are majestic and inspire the greatest respect. Each shot took days of waiting and patience because the mist is a phenomenon that requires special weather conditions to occur.

This collection of pure, dreamlike photographs is an invitation to simplicity and introspection. We also chose minimalist photographs to better showcase these red deer and their wild beauty. These are moments of grace where time seems to stand still just for a second as this extraordinary king of the forests of France showcases all his glory.

All these fine art photographs meet strict specifications for their realization and certification as we explain in this page. Each of these art prints is a guarantee for you to acquire a durable work that you will never tire of.

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Ref: 01-160923CHMBRA0311B
Deer in the Mist B&W I
Artwork Name: Red Deer in the Mist XIII
Ref: 02-160923CHMBRA0186B
Deer in the Mist B&W II
Artwork Name: Red Deer in the Mist XIV
Ref: 03-160923CHMBRA0364B
Deer in the Mist B&W III
Artwork Name: Red Deer in the Mist XV
Ref: 04-160923CHMBRA0199B
Deer in the Mist B&W IV
Artwork Name: Red Deer in the Mist XVI
Ref: 05-160923CHMBRA0206B
Deer in the Mist B&W IV
Artwork Name: Red Deer in the Mist XVII
Ref: 06-160923CHMBRA0267B
Deer in the Mist B&W VI
Artwork Name: Red Deer in the Mist XVIII
Ref: 07-160923CHMBRA0117B
Deer in the Mist B&W VII
Artwork Name: Red Deer in the Mist XIX
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