Some reports and testimonials of participants of our photo trips

Hundreds of photographers of all levels trusted us since 2007 by coming with us for wildlife, landscape, underwater workshop or photo trip. They chose our skills to learn, improve their knowledge in nature photography. They shared their passion with others. They lived unforgettable experiences. Their testimonials show the recognition of our expertise and experience. We hope this review will convince you to join us for a future photo adventure to discover a hidden treasure in a memorable photo trip.

If you love discovering and photographing the beauties of nature, both on land and underwater, and if you want to learn new skills and explore unfamiliar places with other photographers who share your values and interests, then our photography workshops are for you.

Our goal is to gather photographers together and inspire them through our contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature.

Our photography trips and workshops are places where we share both our technical know-how and our knowledge about landscapes or the habitats and behaviors of animals. They are quests for photographic inspiration. Learning new techniques often results in new opportunities for creativity.

The last reports of our photo workshops


Photo trips - our method: ACANP

Our training courses are places of exchange between nature enthusiasts in friendly atmospheres.
Saturday 23 July 2016

Our ACANP Method to Animate Nature Photography Workshops

Our ACANP method to animate nature photography workshops “Why should I choose to participate in a nature photography workshop?” This is a question that many nature photographers ask themselves, and the decision involves a special approach. Some people never take a workshop because they think their… Read more...


Photo trips - reports

The participants in this animal photography workshop in Kenya in September 2017: Agnes, Amar, Daniel and Gregory. On Lake Magadi. (Photo credit: Michel Laplace Toulouse)
Thursday 28 September 2017

Wildlife Photography Workshop In Kenya, September of 2017

Wildlife Photography Workshop In Kenya, September of 2017 From the 9th to the 20th of September 2017, we organized a wildlife photography workshop within the lands of Kenya in order to photograph the mythical African fauna as part of an exceptional itinerary tour. The participants were provided the… Read more.
In the Danube delta, photos are made from wooden boats. Three of the participants, Patricia, Agnes and Nicolas and their guide in an arm of the Danube.
Wednesday 07 June 2017

Wildlife Photo Workshop in the Delta of Danube in Romania-May 2017

May of 2017. Wildlife Photography Workshop in the Delta of Danube - Romania For this wildlife photography workshop in the Danube Delta situated in Romania, 5 photographers gave themselves a rendezvous in or order to observe and frame the most beautiful species of birds in this immense and humid… Read more.
The tranees of this photograpphy trip 'Grand Circle' around the Grand Canyon : Daniel, Josiane, Patrick, Dominique and Pascale.
Monday 12 December 2016

Photography Workshop in the Landscape of Grand Canyon - November 2016

Photographing the Mythical Landscapes Around the Grand Canyon in the USA - November 2016 The Grand Canyon: A Dream to all Landscape Photographers For this photo trip entitled ‘The Grand Circle’ and consecrated to the mythical landscapes surrounding the Grand Canyon, we gathered five photographers… Read more.
The participants of the wildlife photo workshop (from left to right): Raphael, Sylvie, Gregory, Pascal and Guy
Friday 07 October 2016

Wildlife Photo Workshop on the call of the deer - September 2016

Wildlife Photography Workshop for Photographing the Deer’s Cry in Charente-Maritime - September 2016 Learning the Techniques of Approach and Blind The buck’s cry began later than expected in Charente-Maritime. For this workshop of wildlife photography which occurred throughout the last week of the… Read more.
The participants in the  photography workshop dedicated to the floating hides in La Dombes in France.
Monday 04 July 2016

Wildlife Photo Workshop From Floating Hides in La Dombes-June 2016

Photography Workshop in Floating Hides in Dombes in June 2016 For this second trip to Dombes in the year of 2016, the weather conditions were once again very erratic yet the participants were able to fully take advantage of the covered skies and rain to realize superb snapshots, quite saturated.… Read more.
The participants in the  photography workshop dedicated to the floating hides in La Dombes in France.
Friday 10 June 2016

Wildlife Photo Workshop From Floating Hides in La Dombes-May 2016

Wildlife Photography Workshop with Floating Blinds: The Dombes in the May of 2016 This wildlife photography workshop was unique in more ways than one. All of the participants were friends whom were used to traveling with one another. They requested us to organize this photography workshop, tailor… Read more.
The participants of the photo workshop in Ethiopia: Philippe, Agnes, Isabelle, Henri, Patricia et Andrew
Friday 26 February 2016

Wildlife Photography Workshop in Ethiopia – February 2016

Photographing the Wildlife Species Endemic to Ethiopia: Ethiopian Wolves, Gelada Baboons & Nyalas Antelopes In the February of 2016, we accompanied a group of photographers whilst they were engaged in a photo workshop in Ethiopia. The theme that we had chosen for this affair was entitled… Read more.
The participants of the wildlife photo workshop (from left to right): Patricia, Daniel, Stan, Elizabeth and et Christian
Sunday 01 November 2015

Wildlife photography workshop during the rutting season – October 2015

A week-long wildlife photography workshop dedicated to photographing bellowing deer - October 2015 October always brings good weather conditions For this second wildlife photography workshop in 2015 dedicated to photographing bellowing deer, we once again chose the region of Charente-Maritime,… Read more.
The participants of the wildlife photo workshop from floating hides in La Dombes in France
Thursday 23 July 2015

Wildlife photo workshop from floating hides in La Dombes-June 2015

Wildlife photography workshop in France on photographing birds from floating hides — June 2015 Photographing birds in the marshes of La Dombes We chose photographing birds from floating hides as the theme for our wildlife photography workshop in La Dombes, a region north of Lyon, France. We set up… Read more.
The participants of the wildlife photo workshop (from left to right): Amar, Pascale, Frank, Mary et Robin.
Monday 20 July 2015

Report on a July 2015 wildlife photography workshop focusing on deer

Report on a July 2015 wildlife photography workshop with a focus on photographing deer. Photographing fawns and wild piglets In July 2015, we gathered four wildlife photographers in Charente-Maritime, France to photograph fawns and wild piglets. The does calve during the months of June and July,… Read more.