Shades of Black and White: Sweetness – A Collection of Fine Art Photos

Collections of Fine Art Prints of Nature by Amar and Isabelle Guillen.

As wildlife professional photographers, we have always been passionate for the wetlands, but especially for the birds that live there, whether they are passerines or waders. Although the expressions and behaviors of the birds fascinate us, we are captivated even more so by their feathers.

When we use a floating blind to shoot water-tight photographs, we are accustomed to watching the feathers lost by their owners. When the feathers lightly drift on the wind, they have an undeniable photographic interest which most people tend to not notice.

The feathers are captivating for many reasons: their delicacy and mystery, their strangeness and lightness. Why did a bird lose these evocative objects at this place? What will become of them? Will they fly somewhere else? We will never have answers to these questions, which makes feathers so hauntingly beautiful?

Photographing feathers is challenging because not every feather is photogenic. To comprehend the purpose of this collection, we have made hundreds of photographs, searching for beauty, relief, and beautiful lights. Finally, we selected 10 photographs.

We thought black and white was the best way to showcase them. We have integrated it into our theme "Shades of blacks and whites". We played on the shapes and the reliefs to display them from the best perspective.

This «Feathers» collection is in line with our artistic approach. It is quite unusual for wildlife photography. We wanted it to be both surprising and creative.

All these photos are available on Masonite or framed. As photographic artists, we try to produce unique pieces of art. These photographs of feathers are available for sale in our online art collections or in the art galleries affiliated with us.

All these fine art photographs meet strict specifications for their realization and certification as we explain in this page. Each of these art prints is a guarantee for you to acquire a durable work that you will never tire of.

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Sweetness BW I
Artwork Name: Sweetness I
Sweetness BW II
Artwork Name: Sweetness II
Sweetness BW III
Artwork Name: Sweetness III
Sweetness BW IV
Artwork Name: Sweetness IV
Sweetness BW V
Artwork Name: Sweetness V
Sweetness BW VI
Artwork Name: Sweetness VI
Sweetness BW VII
Artwork Name: Sweetness VII
Sweetness BW VIII
Artwork Name: Sweetness VIII
Sweetness BW IX
Artwork Name: Sweetness IX
Sweetness BW X
Artwork Name: Sweetness X
Sweetness BW XI
Artwork Name: Sweetness XI
Sweetness BW XII
Artwork Name: Sweetness XII


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