Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt

The oasis of Siwa Oasis also called Amoun is located in the Egyptian desert, 627 kilometers west of Cairo and 306 kilometers south west of Marsa Matrouh. This oasis is famous for its palm trees, olive trees, flowers. Siwa is a few kilometers from the border with Libya. 700 BC, Siwa was also one of the greatest cultural centers of Egypt. A temple was built in the city to honor the sun god Amoun Ra. It housed the most famous oracle of the whole Mediterranean region. The visitor's best known to Siwa was Alexander the Great who had come to consult the oracle. He wanted to know if he was the son of Zeus and therefore of divine origin.

We began this journey of nine days in Siwa to capture light and colors of the oasis. Our first objective is the city of Shali with its unique ocher color. Our second objective is the oasis itself with its two large lakes, mountains and palm groves.

The main challenge to photograph in Siwa is the dust that is everywhere present. She creeps around the goals and equipment. We quickly realized that it was essential to avoid shooting between 9 and 16 hours because the wind tends to lift the sand that covers the roads and houses. In the morning, waking at 5 AM to go to better places and be ready for the sunrise at 6:15 AM. In the evening we have 2 hours between 4 and 6 PM to get the best light but also the lack of wind.

Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt

Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt.

Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt

Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt.

Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt

Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt.

Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt

Oasis of Siwa in western of Egypt.


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