American Professional Underwater Photographers

The underwater world is beautiful, magical, and extraordinary. Our love for the beauties of nature has naturally led us to spend time scuba diving in order to observe and enjoy the colorful underwater world. But we soon reached the point where we could not stay underwater long enough for our satisfaction. We had no words to describe our underwater journeys, yet we wanted others to understand and appreciate the incredible beauty to be found under the ocean. Underwater photography offered us a way to show the beauties of the sea to others, and to preserve all the beauties that we see underwater. It has become a way for us to testify to the beauties of underwater nature.

Amar Guillen, underwater professional photographer during a dive.
Amar Guillen, underwater professional photographer during a dive.

Inspired by the beauty of the sea

Our inspiration comes from contemplation of the beauties of nature. The underwater world is only one facet of nature. We dive to observe and learn more about the underwater world, and to learn its subtleties. All the subjects we photograph are shown in the wonderful lights and colors found beneath the sea. This is our photographic vision. It allows us to show to others the beauties that we see. We love the true beauty of this unknown and wonderful world in which we find so much of our inspiration.

We attach great importance to environmental underwater photography. We like to show animals in their natural environments, because this is where they make the best subjects. All our compositions, all our frames are designed and thought out to get beautiful backgrounds and negative spaces which correspond to where the animals really live.

Photographing animals to raise awareness

Our underwater photographs are intended both to show aquatic species and to express our emotions about a beautiful scene. The colors, shapes, and lights found underwater are always very special and very different from nature on land. It is very difficult to describe the emotions we experience. The image has become a great way for us to showcase the beauty of nature under the sea, whether in our exhibitions, our books, or our reports. We always try to show the fragility of the species we encounter and how they depend on reasoned and reasonable human behavior.

The underwater world, despite some coverage in television, radio and film, remains largely unknown to most people. Few people dive and few have even had the opportunity to put a diving mask just to watch from the surface. Their knowledge of the marine environment is limited to the different species of fish and shellfish sold in the stalls of fishmongers. Because of their ignorance, few people really feel concerned about the problems of this underwater world, whether those posed by overfishing or by various forms of pollution. Few people adopt a protective attitude towards the undersea environment. Our work as professional photographers is to create photographs which remind people of the fragility of this wonderful world.

Rediscovering forgotten beauty

One of our specialties is to try to show the beauty and variety of the underwater environments close to people. We try to remind people of the treasures that are close to them. We try to surprise them with the sea’s beauty and inspire them to go discover the seascapes that are close to them.

Photo techniques to show the underwater beauties

To better document the beauties of the sea and its creatures, we use all the available photographic techniques. We prefer photographs with wide dynamic ranges which show all the fine details of scales, skins or shells. Textures and materials are important elements in underwater photography. But techniques are not an end in themselves for us. They are only a means to achieve an end, and that end is to create a work of art that can be treasured for generations to come.

Sharing our love for nature’s beauty with other photographers

We love to meet other photographers who are also passionate about the beauties of underwater landscapes and wildlife. We share with them our photo techniques and our knowledge about the habits of underwater wildlife. This is an opportunity to share our passion for the beauties of nature with other photographers who also seek for inspiration from nature. Sharing our techniques often allows participants to our photo trips to find new artistic inspiration.