Why A Photographer Must Step Out of the Comfort Zone

Why photographing in an interesting way is so difficult? The answer is simple. The art of photography requires a lot of personal qualities as we have described in this article. It also requires a lot of time and perseverance. To create interesting photos, a photographer must come out of his comfort zone and live uncomfortably.

Landscape photo of the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia.
This photo of the landscapes of the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia was made in difficult conditions. Its success is linked to the emotions we felt at the time of shooting.

Why A Photographer Must Step Out of the Comfort Zone

Photographing well is like writing a few pages, a short story, a novel or an essay. Knowing the rules of spelling is not enough. Knowing the rules of conjugation is not enough. Knowing grammatical rules is not enough. Knowing how to write words on paper or have software on a computer is not enough. Try simply to count the number of people knowing how to write correctly without fault and the number of novelists or poets to realize that writing well is more than technique.

For photography, it's the same thing. Knowing how to press the trigger button or knowing all the functions of a camera is insufficient to make interesting photographs.

To create meaningful photographs, you must learn to write with the photo. It's a very long apprenticeship for some. I am part of.

You must have many experiences, good or bad to be able to show emotions or to transmit messages. Without this experience, the photographs remain flat, without much interest. I do not imply that the creation of works must be done in pain. I'm just talking about experiences. Nor do I speak about the sensations you feel when you listen or watch media. I am really talking about personal experiences that touch the deepest of our beings. It can be happy or sad experiences.

I think that to create good photos, you really have guts and have lived.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many photographers have experienced a happy life, linear, without real pitfalls. This was my case for a very long time. I have always been very lucky.

When they try to create interesting photographs with character, they just reproduce what they saw, listened to, heard. They do not speak with their heart. They are in what I call their comfort zone.

This comfort zone can be compared to a cocoon in which we live sheltered from the real world. We are good because we know where we are going. Everything is planned, quiet. No event can jostle the order of things. As soon as a person moves into their comfort zone, they feel comfortable. She can maintain control over her actions, her emotions. She does not experience any stress or anxiety.

Living in the comfort zone is living in a neutral position in which all ideas are shaped by others. A person who lives in the comfort zone is just following.

In today's world, feeling strong emotions and living in your comfort zone is done by reading trendy magazines, listening to the radio, watching TV, getting information via the mass media that broadcast all the same information because they come from the same source.

Living in the comfort zone is living daily life in a world of illusions where the real has no place.

A photographer who wants to write his photographs in an interesting and original way with strong emotions and high-impact messages will have to step out of his comfort zone and rub himself against the reality of the real world. This will allow him to be different from others.

The Comfort Zone is Evolving in a Zone of Mediocrity

When a photographer moves in his comfort zone, he does not question himself. He is content to reproduce what he has already done or copy the others.

The search for excellence is looking for the difference. Not to go further in his photographic research is to become uninteresting.

Evolve in his comfort zone is stagnate. Evolve in his comfort zone, it is the death of success. You must always be very demanding in the goals you want to achieve.

What is the Comfort Zone for a Photographer

The comfort zone for a photographer who creates interesting photographers is essential.

The very intense emotional periods or periods during which the photographer is on the ground to take lives are often very anxiety-provoking, very tiring. We create photos with a camera, but we cannot go to the end of the process of creativity because the energy spent to achieve the best shots is too much. There is not enough energy for editing, development, printing and framing. This first phase of creation is essential because it will provide the material for the works, but it is so energy-consuming that we are unable to continue immediately. We must give yourself some time before you start editing.

After this period spent on the field where the photographer gave everything, he must return to the comfort zone where stress and anxiety are non-existent.

The photographer can begin a period of introspection. He can continue his research on the project started in the field. He can then consider how he will evolve his artistic activity.

The goal of being in his comfort zone is to find the calm necessary to start editing and continue to make an artistic photo project.

If a photographer is still in the field with only adrenaline, then he cannot create interesting works. Indeed, he will not have the energy of introspective research that allows to create real artistic photographs.

Everyone has their own comfort zone. Each person must know the limits and know how to re-dive. Personally, my comfort zone is when I'm at home and I cut all means of communication. I read. I am listening to music. I am watching movies. I stay at home for a few days just to put myself off.

The experience, the joyful or sad experiences, the emotions felt in real situations provide to the creator of artistic photographs the material which he will feed himself to create his photographs.

As we have described in this article, photographic writing is a reality. It allows to put words on lived experiences that the photographer will transcribe by transmitting messages or by describing emotions. This will happen when he leaves his comfort zone.

But that is not enough. It is necessary to define a language in order to express oneself for each person who looks at the photos well understand the meaning of the sentence illustrated by a photograph.


The comfort zone for a photographer should only be used to relax and meet himself. But it is an area of stagnation from which you must go out to keep moving forward to create.

Getting out of your comfort zone is an uncomfortable experience. But to create beautiful and interesting photographs, this is the only way to achieve it. To create artistically, the norm is to be out of the comfort zone.

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