Why and How Finalizing the Creation of Artistic Photographs – Part 2

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Landscape in black and white of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Landscape in black and white of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Do Not Hesitate to Frame Your Works

The third phase for the preparation of a photo exhibition concerns the choice of the frames. A frame is not needed to showcase a work. For an exhibition at a festival that usually lasts only a few days, it is not useful because framing represents a high cost. In addition, an exhibition during a festival generates little or no sales. Most visitors come for a walk. They are not here to buy. There is no need to spend money because the return on investment is almost zero for most exhibitors.

However, for an exhibition in a gallery, framing correctly is essential. The frame is like the case when offering a jewel. It is going to highlight the artwork. It will give it a lot of value.
I attach great importance to the framing of my photographic artworks. A badly chosen frame is a work that will not interest anyone. It will not sell.

Choosing a beautiful frame requires a lot of experience. It must consider the tones of the photograph. If you exhibit a series, all photos must have the same tones. Indeed, all frames will be identical. Better to ensure great consistency.

If you do not have skills in this area, it is better to contact a professional framer. He will advise you and help you choose the best frames. For example, the more lightweight a frame, the more expensive it is. Today, wooden frames are very expensive, but they are elegant. Most photographers choose resin frames. They have less character than a wooden frame, but they are much cheaper.

Prefer Large Format

The finalization can be realized either by an exhibition with prints on paper, by a book or by a slide show.

The paper is certainly for me the best support for photographs. It will last in time.

For your prints do not hesitate to think big with a size of at least 24 by 36 inches (60 by 90 centimeters). The viewers will be forced to look at the distance because the bigger a work is in size, the more you need to step back to appreciate it.

A printed work with a small size forces the viewer to get very close. In this case, he will observe the details and forget to look at the work as a whole.

A Book: A Possible Option to Finalize the Writing of a Series

The creation of a book is a very interesting solution for producing a material work from photographs. Today many online services offer to make a book with photo paper quality. Do not hesitate to put a high price for a beautiful book.

A low price is the guarantee of a layout and a minimal color management. A high price on the contrary, guarantees a good management of the colors and the lights, a beautiful binding and a more personalized work.

The ideal is to test several services to find the one that suits you best. If you are lucky to have a laboratory near you, take the opportunity to meet the technicians because you can better explain what you expect from your book. In general, a book of 24 photos is worth a hundred dollars (a hundred euros) for a quality work.

The first step in creating a book is determining the format: square, rectangular, ratio between height and length. It is crucial because the format is the case of the photos of the book.

The second step is the choice of the layout. In general, online publishing services offer proprietary software for creating the book. The advantage is that they are simple to use. The disadvantage is the book created cannot be exported to be printed with a competing service. For my part, I use specialized software that allows me to generate valid PDF files for any publisher.

The third step is choosing the title and fonts that will be used for the text. This is critical because a well-chosen font will attract many readers for easy and enjoyable reading.

Finally, it will be the choice of the cover. A good cover will immediately attract a potential reader. It must be carefully chosen.

Competition: A Possible Choice to Finalize the Writing of a Series

The photo contest is another alternative for you to finalize the writing of a photo or of a photo series.

Here, I only consider competitions that require a print on paper and the presentation of a finalized work.

Contests with digitally formatted works may be interesting but they do not reflect the end of a work. For me, a photo only exists if it is printed.

I described in this article, the interest for a photographer to participate in competitions. It is more a way to evaluate your skills from other photographers than to really convey a message or express emotions.

Before entering a contest, you must always read the rules to properly meet the selection criteria.

Then, you must make sure of the use of the proposed photograph. Competitions have become over time a way for many communities to create a stock at a lower cost.

Often you must give the right to use your photos for an unlimited period. The photos are then used for advertising. In return, the competitions offer a first price that is limited to a pubic exhibition. As much to say it, it is very profitable for the organizers but not especially for the photographer.

The competition can allow you to show your vision of the world and share your messages with a large number of people. But be sure you reach the right one. Check if the public is going to appreciate your artworks at its value.

I think that more and more competitions flatter the ego of the participating photographers without really bringing this magical touch procured the writing and the photographic language.


The finalization of a photographic project is a necessity for you. This is the culmination of a long process that began with the definition of your photographic consciousness, an artistic approach, then a real project.

Realize a photo project with either an exhibition or a book is a great source of satisfaction that will motivate you to continue.

Even though we are artists, we need recognition and motivation to keep moving forward.


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