Why Personal Qualities Matter to Create Art Photographs - Part 1

Since we have created art photographs, we understood that people who liked our approach and bought our works shared the same moral and ethical values as us. Our success is not only due to a good technical mastery but also to the fact that we have developed and reinforced many personal qualities. This is the real strength of our artistic approach.

The rut of the deer in Charente-Maritime is an exceptional moment in our life as photographers. It's a moment of intense introspection.
The rut of the deer in Charente-Maritime is an exceptional moment in our life as photographers. It's a moment of intense introspection.

Knowing What You Want to Do

The first personal quality of an artist photographer who wants to create an interesting and recognized work is to be perfectly clear in his mind. He must have given a precise meaning to his artistic approach and why he chose it.

To create interesting photos, a photographer must give an artistic sense to his approach. This sense, which we call vision, will guide him throughout the creation of his collections.

This vision is the common point of all his creations. It is an essential personal quality. A photographer must always know in which direction he will go and stick to it. For this direction is accurate, well-constructed, the easier it will be to create photos for people who will define the photographer's community.

Being Humble

A photographer can always try to do better, but there will always be better photographers than him. It is for this reason that we must always question ourselves both technically and artistically.

You should never hesitate to seek advice from other people whether they are artists or not. Criticisms and comments always help to progress. We exist only because we live with others. We can only define ourselves in relation to other people. A photographer who does not show humility and who chooses to live in his bubble will be very quickly limited.


We believe that we must always listen to the world around us. The sounds that emerge from this incessant swarming is a real source for improving creativity.

Empathy for a photographer is a very important quality. Indeed, when a photographer wants to create works it is not only because he has a message to transmit or emotions to show.

But he must consider his audience and his community. If his works are badly perceived and do not receive good reception, the artist will quickly become discouraged and lose the motivation to continue creating. An artist photographer must know how to explain, to present his works of art. For this he must understand the motivations of his audience.

Being able to listen helps not only to create works that will interest other people and thus to stay motivated and positive.

Being Perseverant

In the United States, we learned something essential. Achieving an idea can take a long time. An artist will plant his seeds by creating artistic works for a more over time. Then he will have to wait for the good season to harvest. It's inevitable.

An artistic work in the general sense must meet its audience. At first with luck, it can be recognized very quickly. The connection can be immediate. But it's pretty rare.

You must bet on the very long term. Building a complete artistic work takes time. First, you have to create your audience. Then you must propose creations in adequacy with the people who appreciate the artistic approach. An artist photographer must be patient and perseverant.

We met excellent photographers who created quality works. But they felt that their talent was not appreciated. It was certainly true. They just had to mature a bit more. They do not have to wait. They abandoned and let themselves be caught by the flow of the mass. Simply, they do not have to wait for the good season. They have not been persevering.

Do not be Afraid of Imbalance

When we create artistic works, we are always in a real bubbling of ideas. It's an uninterrupted flow of words and photos that come to mind. Often in an intense creative phase, our priorities can change dramatically. We have the impression that what is new is more important. Our mind is turned upside down. We create an imbalance. We must not be afraid of it.

We think this imbalance is an asset. Indeed, this change of state takes us out of our comfort zone.

The imbalance is always a phase that intervenes in a period of creation. It is he who nourishes our future creations. You have to know how to take a step back, analyze the facts, structure them and then add them to the existing foundations.

The trick we use in the creative phase is to write on paper as if we were keeping a journal. It's an old recipe that is always wonderful. She has proven herself. We have learned and found that writing ideas on a digital medium is not as practical as paper. When writing on a computer or tablet, we tend to archive the texts and then forget them.

When we write our ideas on paper, we are more efficient because we organize and structure our thoughts better. We found that our ideas became clearer. We are much more efficient.


When we talk about integrity, we do not just talk about the one we have with our customers. This is obvious. We owe them the best possible service as well as the best quality imaginable for the art prints. Integrity is also personal integrity. It is as important as the one we give our customers. First and foremost, an artist photographer must be honest with himself. He must respect his artistic approach. The lack of integrity results in a very large expenditure of energy which is totally useless. Indeed, to build a universe that is false and not related to its true personality requires a lot of imagination. Better to build a reputation on real values. It is better to use all this energy to build solid foundations.

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