Why It is so Difficult for Some Photographers to Define Themselves as Artists – Part 2

This fine art photograph of the landscapes of Simien Mountains in Ethiopia is artistic.
This fine art photograph of the landscapes of Simien Mountains in Ethiopia is artistic.

The Method that Allowed Is to Assume our Status

When we went from reportage and stock photography to artistic photography as a full-time professional activity, we experienced the three pitfalls described above.

We have worked hard and changed our mindset to assume our new status. This transition has been a pivotal change in our lives. We did not have the tools to take this turn. We decided after days of reflection and introspection to leave aside the photo technique. We also decided to leave aside our entrepreneurial side. We decided to think more in terms of products as we did for stock photography. We decided to focus only on the artistic approach.

We focused on the three elements that we think are essential to define an artist photographer:

  • Passion.
  • Creativity.
  • The way of being.

We have developed the idea that being an artist photographer is more of a particular state of mind than created photographs. Artistic photographs and prints are only consequences of a state of mind and our behavior. We thought that art prints are only objects that should represent us. It was a radical change in the way we think and see the job. We decided that it was not our products that would define us but the way we behave towards others. That's what would define us as artists.

This paradigm shift forced us to start from scratch. The challenge was daring. We had to reinvent ourselves, project ourselves into the future in a unique way. Today, we can say that this method has succeeded us.

Every day, we continue to develop and nurture these three qualities that have forged us.

The Development of Passion

First of all, the first quality to develop and improve, is the passion with which we invest in our artistic photography. Our goal is to always strive for excellence in everything we do whether it is in our photographic creations, our marketing and our commercial actions or our communication.

We always take great care in preparing our appointments, our conferences or our nature photography courses. For every action, we put all the energy and passion we can.

The Development of Creativity

The second quality to develop is creativity. An artist photographer must be different from other photographers. He must develop an artistic vision of his own. At the beginning of our artistic activity, we were inspired by others, but we tried to be different, unique.

We have taken new creative paths. We never forget that inspiration in photography does not come only from other photographers. Painting, sculpture, drawing, music, video or film are all inspiring sources that must be explored to create interesting photographic works.

The Way of Being

The third quality that we think characterizes an artist photographer is his way of being, his state of mind.

It is certainly the essential quality.

Creating artistic photographs should not be the purpose of a photographer's activity. These are just objects. It is certain that these objects allow us to live but the essential is the way we create them.

To create an artistic photograph is to show our passion, to translate emotions, feelings or to transmit messages. It is also to realize aesthetic works.

But the most important thing for us is to bring a little brick to the big building that every creative human being tries to climb.

To be an artist photographer is to follow your own path, to go on unexplored personal paths to find a real meaning in your life.

To be an artist photographer is to dare to live outside of your comfort zone. This is not a task that is done between two everyday tasks. To assume this status is to assume a posture of every moment in our life. This is the way we envision the world, of which we live all our experiences wherever we are.

To be an artist photographer is to be independent of the current that takes most people around us. It's different. It's especially not being a follower.

The state of mind that inspires us as photographic artists is to choose our life without compromise.


Assuming the artist status for a photographer claims to be passionate about his photographic activity, to be creative and above all to have a true artistic mindset. If you have these qualities, never be afraid to claim your status. Be proud of that fact.

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