Wildlife, Landscape and Underwater Photo Workshops to Share the Passion of Nature Photography

Our photo workshops are a way for you to meet other photographers to share your passion for nature beauties and perfect your photographic creativity.

These trips are an opportunity to develop or to perfect your photographic approach whether naturalistic or artistic. We have developed a unique method (ACANP) to help you develop and enhance your creativity when shooting or processing your photographs.

We love to share, motivate and especially inspire. We believe that sharing our skills and our photographic know-how is one way to discover the beauties of nature and to learn to respect them.

Sunset Over Mesa Verde in Colorado in United States.

Sunset Over Mesa Verde in Colorado in United States.

Creating a nature photograph of an animal or landscape, whether on land or underwater, is not simply choosing a subject.

To create a photograph is before choosing a scene with a decor, a light and a subject. Setting up this simple recipe takes time, patience, empathy and a lot of openness. Our photography courses are dedicated to our experience to develop yours.

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