Photography workshop organized to photograph the red deer bellowing

We organize wildlife photography workshops to photograph the red deer bellowing during the months of September and October in France. This is an important event for wildlife photographers because it allows capturing unique behaviors with autumnal decors and lights.

These trips are organized only for five photographers. It ensures the best possible encounters and the participants receive the best tips to manage great pictures.

Wildlife photo workshop dedicated to the bellowing of the red deer stag - September 2018
Wildlife photo workshop dedicated to the bellowing of the red deer stag - September 2018.

The red deer bellowing: an animal behavior inspiring for wildlife photographers

From mid-September to late October, this is the mating season for the red deer in France. To seduce does the males shout different sounds. Several regions are deemed to listen to the call of the deer. The Charente-Maritime is one of them. From North to South of the region; it is possible to hear these cries and these songs which are modulated according to different situations.

There are 5 different slabs:

  • The presence slab is short and brief. The deer uses it to signal its presence.
  • The slab of languor. It is a melancholy cry that indicates that the deer did not find any doe to satisfy his instinct.
  • The challenging slab. It is a powerful cry that the deer grows when he wants to fight another deer.
  • The pursue slab. This is a set of light cries emitted by the deer when pursuing a doe to mate.
  • The triumph slab. This is the cry of the winner of a fight.

During the bellowing, old males replenish herds of does. We can count up to 30 females. Young deer try to build a herd by challenging old. This is an opportunity to take pictures of fierce fighting during which deer can get stuck and die of exhaustion. Deer are so excited they plow the fields with their antlers.

The activity of these deer for a month is summarized in three words: mating, monitoring and defense of the herd. They lose weight dramatically. They become weak. This is an opportunity for young red deer to try to conquer does.

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The techniques for photographing the call of the deer

During the photography workshop dedicated on the call of the deer, we address the following points:

  • creating hiding blind with foliage.
  • using different technical approaches with the proper use of wind and sun.
  • properly composing wildlife photographs to manage great impact.
  • properly managing the backgrounds to highlight subjects.
  • properly managing the photo workflow for wildlife photographs.

Before every photo session, we define areas of several dozen hectares for each photographer. Like that we avoid the trainees to interfere in the field.

We are available to accompany every photographer on the field. Whatever happens, we always go with the participants for the first two photo sessions. Indeed forests and grasslands are extensive. Learning remarkable geographic points is essential.

Creating great photos of red deer in their natural environment

The call of the deer is a major event for wildlife photographers. If you already have some experience with photography and you want to improve your technique on very particular points, then this trip is perfect for your needs. Since the number of participants that we take is limited, you are guaranteed to learn the specific information you want.

This trip is not only an adventure that you will share with other photographers. It is also a time during which you can ask any technical questions you want to address. At the end of the workshop, you will leave with an improved photographic approach.

Every day, we will review everyone’s photos. In addition to giving tips for improvement, we will provide technical presentations on topics that the participants are interested in.

A perfect mix of holiday and learning experience

Participating in this photography trip with us is the best way to meet other photographers who love the beauties of nature while learning new skills in a pleasant, relaxing environment. You will enjoy this holiday where you can exchange your inspirations, impressions, and technical insights with other photographers who share your interests.

The places we will go have been selected to meet the unique needs of wildlife photographers. This is the advantage of a trip organized by photographers.

We are familiar with the area where we will take you. The sites we have chosen are gorgeous. The wildlife is fabulous, the landscapes are unique. It will be a delight for anyone who loves nature's beauties.

Sharing our passion for the beauties of nature

Our goal is to help you to focus your attention on the beauties of nature. We will teach you how to create beautiful wildlife photographs and avoid asking you unnecessary questions.


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