Wildlife portfolio: a contemplative and artistic interpretation of the wildlife world

We love wildlife, whether on land or underwater. We love to discover and observe wild animals in their natural environments. Photography allows us to preserve the scenes which we see.

Wildlife portfolio in color. Amar Guillen, Photographer

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An artistic interpretation consistent with our photo vision

To be consistent with our artistic vision, we are always looking for the most beautiful colors and lights to show land or underwater wildlife, to sublimate it. To create our wildlife photographs, we are also working to show out the details whether on the skin, in furs or feathers.

The fragility of the animal world

You certainly know the names of a number of wild animals. You have probably had the opportunity to watch videos or see pictures of animals. But how often have you actually been close to them - even those who live near you? We try to show you with our photographs that it is possible to observe animals in order to learn more about them and how to preserve beautiful, fragile species.

Preserving the emotion of an encounter

Have you ever looked a deer in the eye and see his surprise when he notices you at the corner of a forest road? Have you ever felt the excitement of dealing with a sow whose hair bristles when you get too close to her piglets? Have you ever felt the cold determination of a shark as it looks at you from just yards away? We have had the chance to experience many such fleeting but very intense emotions. We always keep them in our memories. Sometimes we can capture them with our cameras. It is always exciting to take pictures because we know that we can share that image with others and express what we felt in that instant.

Wildlife portraits

In our pictures we always show the animals in their natural environments. We try to create photographs using backgrounds that bring out the best in our subjects. We have developed our own photographic approach. We do not limit ourselves to simple portraits of animals. Instead, we use a holistic approach, showing them in their home environments. We show others the environment in which we all live. Beautiful photographs of animals help educate people about the fragility of a fascinating and relatively unknown world, while inspiring them to go out and explore.