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Black and white portrait of a cheetah in Kenya. Photograph by Amar Guillen, photographer artist.

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Africa is not only populated by human beings, it is also an extraordinary continent of many species of wild animals—a paradise for all photographic hunters. The species that interest me most are undoubtedly large mammals, which are majestically powerful and beautifully elegant. These creatures are a perfect reflection of Africa.

For this collection of art prints in my style of shades of blacks and whites, I chose to create only portraits of wild mammals. I opted for square frames because the balance of this format allows to perfectly reflect the harmony of the animal faces.

This format makes it possible to highlight the beauty of the animals because the tight framing directs the spectator's gaze towards the essential point contained in the center. The square format does not tolerate clutter or digression. It is clean and minimal.

This collection of portraits of African animals releases the powerful connection to animals that one feels when traversing the African savannahs. The sensations that one experiences when one is facing a lion or elephant are totally indescribable. Deep within myself, I will always remember the power and strength of the animal that faced me. Nevertheless, the animals of Africa also represent softness and tenderness. I had the opportunity to see an elephant protect her elephant cub under her belly when lions prowled nearby. I observed the games of a lioness with her cubs. I will never forget these scenes and these behaviors that were so full of tenderness that the similarity with humans was blatant.

I must not forget that human beings are simply animals endowed with speech.

Rather than showing behavioral scenes in my photographs, I chose a portrait style. This technique allows me to reveal the true nature of an animal without presenting it as if it were staged or forced. I simply watch and let the moment work its magic.

Black and white makes it possible to reinforce the minimalism of these scenes. It focuses on the essentials. Associated with the square format, black and white reveals the splendor and beauty of large African mammals.

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