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Alamy, online stock photography: United Kingdom.

La banque d'images
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Alamy is an English bank of images putting on line photographs in leading or advertizing matter. You will find there our photographs of reports, travel and underwater photographs. The web address the bank is The photographs are available in RF (Royalty Free) or RM (Rights managed). The price of the photographs in RF is fixed only according to the selected resolution. You also have the rights for a future re-use. There is no territorial restriction. You hold the rights of use of the bought photograph but you can in no case to yield them to a third nobody. If you buy a photograph in L, the price will be fixed only according to the use and the photograph could be used only once: you do not have the rights for another use. The photographs in mode L can have restrictions of use according to the territories. The purchaser can also take a right of exclusiveness.

To discover our photographs available in this agency, please click on the following link: Stock photography by Amar&Isabelle Guillen at Alamy You can also indicate like key word: GUILLEN and throw research. As it is an anglophone agency, all the terms of the criteria must be indicated in English. If you carry out a research on underwater animal species, the Latin names are also indicated.

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