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Artistic Photo Portfolio

Are you looking for a creative photographer with know-how in nature photography?

Are youlooking for a creative photographer with an assertive style and a clear vision to make photographs that are different?

I have the assets you are looking for your decoration or exhibition projects.

The elegance and tranquility of a feather floating on the water of a pond.
The elegance and tranquility of a feather floating on the water of a pond.

To highlight the ethereal aspect of my landscape and animal subjects, I favor refined compositions to capture unique and evanescent moments as an invitation to dream.

My photographs focus on representing scenes that are usually impossible to reproduce thus freezing those fleeting moments. The conservation and education of nature flow through each of my artistic photographic works, connecting them together.

The technological tools are the brushes that I use to illuminate the surreal elements of the natural landscapes spanning the universe captured within the frame.

I am able to create collections of artistic photographs of landscapes, animals, underwater or abstract in black and white.

I also have all the know-how to create collections of color photographs that are abstract, animal, landscape or underwater.

Each portfolio contains only 15 photographs. All the photographs I create, even if they are of a very high quality, have no place in a portfolio. I have grouped them into thematic galleries.


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