Bryce Canyon in Utah state, United States

Bryce Canyon is a very small area in the state of Utah. It is a park of 145 km2. But it is certainly one of the most incredible and one of the most exceptional for landscape photographers.

We can photograph there unique geological formations in the world called hoodoos whose height can vary from 2 to over 50 meters. Several formations have names like “Thor's Hammer” or “Queen Victoria”.

Bryce Canyon park is organized as amphitheaters. This organization gives the impression that hundreds of soldiers are waiting for an order from a superior.

Photographing Bryce Canyon is for a photographer, a unique experience because it must succeed in realizing not only the scenery but also the shapes of hoodoos. A good photograph of Bryce Canyon must succeed in surprising the audience and make them escape into fantasy. The best time of the day is undoubtedly early morning just before sunrise. The colors ocher and orange due to magnesium which are formed hoodoos give unreal dimension to the atmosphere.

Bryce Canyon is not very popular and many photographers miss it when they travel from the Grand Canyon to Zion. Therefore, it is one of the best places that we know for mineral landscape photography.

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