Corporate photo reporting in Cambodia in January 2013.

From January 6 to 13, 2013, we followed the 40 best customers of a French company specializing in manufacturing motorcycle parts. This trip was organized in Mexico in the Yucatan peninsula. The journey started in Paris, in France. The first visited city was Phnom Penh to understand the recent and tragical history of the country with the 80' genocide. Then, we went to Siem Reap in the north of the country to discover the Khmer culture through the temples of the Angkor Park. Finalley, the journey ended on the beaches of Sihanouk Ville in the south west. The goal of the trip was "back to the origins" to discover and understand the ancient historical culture of Cambodia, the recent history of the genocide and the new face of this extraordinary country.

Our job was to track customers during the different activities and take photos. Every day we have accompanied the group all day. The objective that we had set was to provide pictures and a musical film on a USB key the day of departure. Corporate reporting fits perfectly with our travel photography business. We need to shoot portraits of people in action. We must seize the mood of the trip and show the emotions felt during the highlights. It is a hard work where we need to focus continuously. It is not easy as the participants are on vacation.
They came to relax. As for us, we came to work. We need to be present but not to be seen. The challenge is to take photos while being invisible. As always, participants are a little reluctant at first but very soon they forget us. We become part of the landscape. It feels exhilarating and quite extraordinary.

This wonderful trip was placed under the sign of emotion and generosity. Indeed, the emotions were very strong when we visited the S21 prison buildings in Phnom Penh where thousands of people were tortured by the Red Khmer during the genocide that killed 3 million people. The generosity was overwhelming when visiting a village of fishermen living on stilt houses. The group had bought bags of candy, notebooks, pencils and toys. Everything was distributed to all the village children. Some had never tasted a lollipop in their live. it was a day very intense in terms of photography with memorable pictures for sharing unique moments.

This report was a great success both for the tour organizers and officials of the company but also for us. We managed to deliver 1,600 photos and a movie the day of departure. It was very difficult. The nights were very short but we managed to once again honor our contract.

Corporate photo report in Cambodia

Corporate photo report in Cambodia

Corporate photo report in Cambodia

Corporate photo report in Cambodia

Corporate photo report in Cambodia

Corporate photo report in Cambodia

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