Fallow deers of forests and prairies in Charente-Maritime, western France

Fallow deers of the forests and the prairies of Charente-Maritime, France

The fallow deer was reintroduced in many areas of Charente-Maritime in France. This is a very graceful and very decorative animal (hence its reintroduction). It is a ruminant whose dress can be reddish fawn with white spots in summer, brown in winter. But it can also be white or black. Just as red deer, fallow deer males live in small separate groups. At the time of slab in October-November, males and females stay together. The slab of deer called rary. Fallow deers have exceptional hearing and smell. But the daytime view is equally exceptional. To photograph them, it is best to use the blind technique because even moving slowly with a good wind does not provide invisible approach. When people are detected, the signal is given. Animals run by leaps and jumps. The top speed can reach 50 km / h. The starts are withering.

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