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French diving show "Salon de la plongée de Paris", 2012 France.

From 13 to 16 January 2012, I had a booth as The French diving show for me, is the opportunity to meet all the diving players in France. It is also an opportunity to promote the photo workshops and safaris that we organize. I came with two hundred flyers advertising, two posters and a digital frame. The exhibition allows me to meet future participants for our photo safaris. I can respond orally to questions and expectations. For four days, I can also meet friends who come to me to get some news of us. This is a unique opportunity to maintain relations.

Usually, a day starts at 10 o'clock in the morning and ends at 19 hours except on the first day because it is a nocturnal rendezvous. We must stay until 10PM. The four days are a real marathon. First, we must stand for 9 hours daily. Then we need to talk and talk. It is impossible to rest a while. During the second day, I decided to offer me a small cup of coffee to rest a little bit. It took me about 25 minutes to travel the 50 yards that separated me from the bar and no less than 35 minutes to come back. The funny thing is that I had not even had time to drink the precious beverage as the queue was long in front of the bar. My progression in the aisles was punctuated by meetings with old customers, friends that I had not seen for a year. It was the only time I tried to escape. I thought it was better to stay on the stand.

During the show, I noticed that many people came specially to say hello and to have some news of us. They wanted to talk about the latest safari which they were involved or when is the next safari. Again this year, I was deeply impressed by some students who had done splendid books about trips we did together. Each of them had a picture of me in the album in memory of the unforgettable moments that we lived together. Finally, I realized how much these workshops and the safaris were important for the participants and also for me. I was able to say when and why each photograph of the books was taken. I never realized how much I could keep in mind so many stories. I had never realized how these meetings made me so happy.

After four days over, you probably think we're moving in a cafe or a restaurant to discuss about the event. You made a mistake because we had to remove the stand and pack all the equipment in boxes. Then we had to go to the store to unpack the truck and put away all the boxes in the shop. How do you want to go to dinner after such a day?

During the show, I had the great joy to see how some of our shots were used to realize the huge plastic wall poster of our partner Dune for the underwater safaris. This posters made of three parts were promoting the activities of the diving center, showing the extraordinary beauty of the Red Sea.

This show has been very successful for me. I made many contacts. Two new projects have emerged. Roll on next year!

French diving show Salon de la plongée de Paris

French diving show Salon de la plongée de Paris

French diving show Salon de la plongée de Paris