Recognition for a photo safari in the Yucatan cenotes in February 2012.

From 17 to 25 February 2012, we went to recognize 15 different cenotes in the Yucatan region in northern Mexico to prepare underwater photo safaris scheduled in 2013. Before taking a group of people to a destination that we do not know, we always perform a recognition. We dived into 15 different wells. This recognition has been a story for a magazine.

Organizing a photo workshop or a photo safari whether on land or underwater is not limited to taking people to dream destinations where we teach the technique to achieve the best shots possible. This is only part of our work. The dark side of the safari business is the recognition sites. In general, for a one-week trip, we make a preparation for two weeks. We must identify and test: dive sites, land sites to photograph, hotels, restaurants, dive cruises.

This is a very complex work that requires a lot of energy. Very often, when we end a recognition, we decide not to organize the photo safari because the conditions are not required either for security reasons or for low-interest subjects to photograph. In this case, it is a major setback for us because the money we spent is lost. This is part of our business risks. But when we decide to mount a project, it is because we are sure it is ideal for guests. Sometimes we have no interested person. In this case, it is still a loss for us. When we manage to bring together participants who trust us, it's a huge victory.

Today, we consider that 4 trips of recognition on 10 are losses for our company. This is a very high rate but it is constant since the time that we organize safaris. However we continue to do so because we think it is a rule of professional conduct and ethics to make this recognition phase to provide what is best for those who trust us.

Report in the Yucatan cenotes, Mexico. February 2012.

Report in the Yucatan cenotes, Mexico. February 2012.

Report in the Yucatan cenotes, Mexico. February 2012.

Report in the Yucatan cenotes, Mexico. February 2012.

Report in the Yucatan cenotes, Mexico. February 2012.

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