Saint John's coral reef in the South of the Red Sea off Egypt coast.

Musical slideshow created with photographs of Saint John's reef in the South of the Red Sea

The coral reefs of Saint John are located in the South of the Red Sea off the Egyptian coast. This is maybe the most beautiful coral colonies of the area. The variety and the diversity of soft and hard coral are amazing. This is an explosion of colors, forms and shapes. Saint John is made with several small reefs distant from each other by several hours of boat. For us, photographers, the most beautiful site is with no doubt Habili Jaffar. It is a pinnacle covered with soft coral. This is an extraordinary site for scenic pictures. The second best site is Habili Ali. There are less soft coral colonies but more hard corals; this is very impressive. All the reefs are inhabited by many fish species which live and feed in the coral colonies. But Saint John is also made with caves. This is the site of Dangerous Reef which offers great rays of lights when the sun is at the zenith.

The slide show is available as a podcast.

The slideshow as a podcast(download)

This musical slide show was generated in HD quality to offer you the best quality of our shots. The file size is important, but it's the only way for us to show the quality of our photographic work. This slide show is in AVI format. It can be read on any computer either if that you have a PC or a MAC. You can use Media Player or Quick Time. We recommend to use the VLC media player which is available for free on internet. Click on the download button to copy the movie to your computer. For security reasons, it is contained in a zip file.
The musical slideshow can be displayed on tablets running under Android system. The movie will be stored in the "download" folder.


Download the musical slideshow


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