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Sale Sonditions of my Stock Photographs

As independent professional photographer, I sale my photographs. You can see them thru my portfolio or you can contact me. I have a in my stock images nearly 60,000 photographs. My photographic work is focused along the following fields: underwater, travel and wildlife photography.

Terms of Sale of our Stock Photographs

My Know-how Guarantees a Perfect Work

My know-how in outdoor photography either on land or under seas, has been recognized by many professional publishing, magazines or advertising. I take great care in developing my digital photos (I do take pictures at RAW format). I use the best existing RAW converters on the market and all my images are delivered with impeccable quality. All pictures can be delivered in TIFF format (compressed or uncompressed) or JPEG12 (minimum compression) format. I can deliver pictures with a specific request going from 22 mega pixels to 120 mega pixels.

Where to Find my Photographs

You can see some of my images through my portfolio, my galleries, and my blog or on request.

Why Using my Services and my Photographs?

My special photographic vision as well as my various areas of expertise are a guarantee for you to get a different and unique work. It let you show your creations in an original way whatever your needs. I also offer custom partnerships tailored to your specific needs. I offer you the services of a small company, more responsive, fast. Of course you can find some of my photos in large agencies that sell globally but you can order directly my photographs on request.

These photos can be used individually to illustrate an advertisement. You can also perform a selection of several images to illustrate a full report.

If you do not find the photo you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact me. I may be have it in my stock images and I have not yet published it.

I am also available whatever the destination or topic in the world.

Right of Use

All my photographs are for sale in royalty free or rights managed. The licenses are available all kind of companies they are advertising, publishers of books and magazines, industry, publishing calendars, postcards, newspapers or government entities. Licenses are suitable for display advertising, book covers, for advertisements in magazines or for uses editorials. These licenses can also be used for CD covers or DVDs or achievements of cards. The right to use an image may be exclusive or non-exclusive.

  • A right of exclusive use saves you the picture to be sold to someone else. Purchase exclusive rights depend on the territory and duration of use. This right allows you to prevent another company buys the same photo during the period of use.
  • A non-exclusive use is a less expensive alternative. This is the one that is most used. The fees of buying the use rights of a photograph are based on the geographical location of use, the type of publication, reproduction size, the number of breeding territories where they will be distributed.
  • The price of a photo bought using rights managed is often less expensive than them same one bought using royalty free. This is due to the fact that the use rights managed only lets you just one use of the photo.
  • The royalty free use allows you multiple uses.

When you have chosen a photo, do not hesitate to contact me with as much information about your project and I will do my best to adapt to your budget with reference photos you are interested in giving me the maximum information with the type of publication, reproduction size, number of copies, distribution areas. Once I have all the elements in my possession, I will issue a quote for the right to use. If you have a deadline for your project do not hesitate to tell me. Reproduction rights are valid only from the time the invoice was paid in full.


The high resolution pictures will be issued once the contract has been signed and received by Guillen Photo LLC. Photographs can be downloaded from my website (with a username and a unique password given to you) or sent by email (if the weight does not exceed 20 megabytes).

Photos can also be sent by CD or DVD with additional fees of 10 euros (or 10 US dollars) to be added to the invoice. Payments can be made via bank transfers, Paypal. For specific customers I accept payment 30 days end of month. The high resolution photos are delivered in the Adobe RGB color space 98: This is the guarantee for you to have the best possible colors. Once the agreement was signed between the two parties, the pictures can be downloaded from my website in TIFF or JPEG formats according to your wishes.


I cannot give you a generic price for the photographs I sell. It depends on the location, number of copies, size, weight, type of use. For the price of a photo, just contact me using the form available at the bottom of the page.

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