The Navajo tribal park of Monument Valley in the state of Utah, USA.

Screensaver of the Navajo tribal park of Monument Valley

This screensaver has been realized with photographs we took in the Navajo tribal park of Monument Valley in the southwest of the United States. This arid and mineral park is located between the states of Utah in the North and Arizona in the South. It seems that everybody knows Monument Valley and his geological formations because the American film director John Ford realized famous movies as "Stagecoach" or "The heroic charge" in the middle of the 20th century. The actor John Wayne had been associated with the most famous movies. However, few people really visited the park and very often the same photographs taken by very known photographers are shown. It is a unique region in the world with the red buttes that grow from the soil, the red and orange sunsets and sunrises. The area is hard to be photographed. Taking pictures is not easy because the light is changing very fast. A photographer needs a lot of time to find the right place to set up the tripod with the camera to catch the best lights and the best colors. We hope that this screensaver with give you the envy to spend some days in that strange park to better understand the Navajo civilization which marks this land for ever.

This screensaver is about the drop off of Shark Reef located in the North of the Red Sea off Egypt Coast. Shark Reef is located in the reserve of Ras Mohammed. For us this one of the ten best dives in the world. The variety of corals wether they are hard or soft is breathtaking. This is a festival of colors and shapes. The wall is also a great place for the number of fish species that may be encountered. There are hundreds of fish hidden into coral colonies but also school of them swimming in the open water. Shark Reef is a unique world that all divers should discover as soon as possible.

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