Underwater fauna of the mouth of Gironde estuary, West of France.

Musical slideshow created with photographs of Gironde estuary fauna

The mouth of the Gironde estuary is an unknown underwater world. Most divers think of troubled waters with sand and silt. Indeed, the Garonne and Dordogne rivers bring from 800 to 1000 m3 / s freshwater sediment-laden and at the same time, twice a day; the tide brings 15 000 to 25 000 m3 of seawater, which promotes the formation of sandbanks and islands of vasards. The meeting of the fresh water rich in alluvium with salt water creates flocculated clay particles that form a "turbidity maximum" characteristic of estuarine waters. Gironde carries each year from two to eight million tonnes of suspended particles. A portion of the suspended solids (1.5 to 3 million tons per year) is deposited, forming sandbars, and islands of vasards. The Gironde estuary is highly subject to the ebb and flow of the tides. Another characteristic of the Gironde estuary is the Seudre river located in the north. It fills and empties with the tides. The waters are then loaded with silt and mud that come further fuel the ecosystem of the region making it so special. Yet the Gironde estuary is a unique world with dozens of species of fish like blennies, gobies, rays, pouting. This musical slideshow aims to show the richness of this unique place.

The slide show is available as a podcast.

The slideshow as a podcast(download)

This musical slide show was generated in HD quality to offer you the best quality of our shots. The file size is important, but it's the only way for us to show the quality of our photographic work. This slide show is in AVI format. It can be read on any computer either if that you have a PC or a MAC. You can use Media Player or Quick Time. We recommend to use the VLC media player which is available for free on internet. Click on the download button to copy the movie to your computer. For security reasons, it is contained in a zip file.
The musical slideshow can be displayed on tablets running under Android system. The movie will be stored in the "download" folder.


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