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Unterwasser : March 2007 (Oil rig)

In this article published in the German magazine Unterwasser, a complete article about the diving on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.
Here is the beginning of the article :

"Forty years ago, it was discovered that the Gulf of Mexico waters offered opportunities for wealth - Black Gold. No one would therefore have bet on the survival of the Gulf and its ecosystem. Today, there are over 5,000 oil and gas structures in the Gulf of Mexico. Adding 2 - 4 acres of hard surface to the water column and stretching from the sea floor toward the sky, oils rigs are definitely unique, vertical, artificial reefs. These areas are visited more often by recreational divers because of lesser currents, shallower depths, and a variety of tropical fishes. They offer a multitude of interests for all divers: photographers, videographers, fish identifiers and spearfishing enthusiasts.
Rig diving is considered to be the safest type of Gulf diving due to depth control, you can dive at 20 ft. or up to 120 ft. Where are the rigs located? Along the Texas and Louisiana shoreline, platforms range from just five miles off the coast to hundreds of miles off the continental shelf. Dive/ skills Divers need to start watching the weather about 5 days before a trip in the Gulf of Mexico. If the winds are from the North it results in large swells and will take one to two days for the seas to lay flat again.
Typically, when going diving, you will..."

o continue in the issue of March 2007 in Unterwasser.