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We were there on the France 2 TV news on January 27, 2012 at 1:00PM.

Several times a week, to stay abreast of current French, we watch the news on France 2: a national French TV network. That day, by an absolutely amazing chance, we decided to watch the news at 1:00PM. The guest of the day was Pierre Frolla, the world champion of apnea. We had the opportunity two years ago to make and to write a very nice story on this incredible diver. We were immediately attracted by a picture illustrating the background of the scene. We look at each other. We have the same thought. We know this picture. As soon as we start the server on which all our photos are stored. We launch the management software of our personnal stock. We make a search by typing the keywords "Pierre Frolla". Thirty images appear on the screen of our computer. Immediately, we recognize the famous image we saw on TV.

Once the surprise had passed, we start to laugh. Today we have over 70,000 photos in our personal stockf. We are able to recognize a picture we took, even after all these years. It is absolutely incredible.

The second thought that drives us is the pride. Pierre was photographed hundreds of times by different photographers. But it's an image we took he chose to illustre his interview. When we know the importance of his public image, we can only be proud of.

But we're a little upset because we have not been contacted. We're a little disappointed. We gave these pictures to Pierre, telling him he could use as he wishes in exchange for the reporting and the rights they had granted us. But we would have liked that he liked this image and would use it.

Finally, the most important thing in this little short story is that our work has once again was recognized. Moreover, it is a very great man that we respect very much for his integrity, his work and his kindness. We remain committed to our way of seeing life "always see the best side of events and move on".

France 2 TV news on January 27, 2012.

France 2 TV news on January 27, 2012.