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Why and How: Avoiding the 3 Fundamental Errors in Photography – Part 1

You like to take pictures for photographic projects or to keep a record of the intense moments you have experienced.

However, they will remain preciously stored in your computer's memory. They will remain invisible. Why will they remain invisible? Because you have made at least one of the three mistakes that many photographers make without realizing it.

In this article I will explain how to discern them, apprehend them and avoid reproducing them.

Welcome to a new photographic artistry.

Red Deer Stag Bugling in France in October. Photograph by Amar Guillen, artist photographer.
Red Deer Stag Bugling in France in October.

The Little Story of This Article

You are certainly passionate about nature photography. Whether it is close to your home or on trips to faraway places, you always bring back wonderful photographic memories.

But I am sure that when you come back home, you copy all these photographs to your computer's hard drive and then save them on an external medium.

Then the days, weeks and months go by. You have almost forgotten all those photographs. You do not pay attention to them anymore. You have already moved on.

Many years ago, I also had this forgetfulness behavior. I was like you.

But the photos I was taken were well composed, well framed. Technically, they were good. But once the exhilaration of the trip was over, I forgot that I had many underwater, animal or landscape photographs in stock. It was like that until I began to turn to professional artistic photography that I gradually understood why I had so many dormant photographic projects. I made three essential mistakes in my approach to the creation of my photographic projects:

  • My photographic artistry was not perfectly defined.
  • I did not have a strong reason to create photos.
  • I was not in the action.

In the rest of this article, I will detail each of these points.

But before continuing, I would like to point out that the articles in my creative photography blog focus mainly on the approach to the creation of photographs. I do not address problems related to cameras or photo development. Other sites already do. I think that the approach of photographic creation which is the most upstream phase of photography is also the most essential to create interesting pictures.

The three errors I am going to mention are related to this phase.

Why Avoiding the Three Fundamental Errors in Photography

As always, I think that before putting in place a method of applying advice, it is important to ask why it is being done.

In this case, knowing why you should avoid the three fundamental errors in photography will allow you to:

  • Save a lot of time during your shots because you will have well-defined photographic goals to hold.
  • Create more coherent and consistent photographic series.
  • Better prepare yourself before you leave for a photo shoot.
  • Gather people who will appreciate your photographs whether it is during exhibitions, on social networks in your family setting.

Avoiding these three mistakes in photos will allow you to create easily and last over time

How Avoiding the Three Fundamental Errors in Photography

Once you figure out the why, all you have to do is figure out the how. The solution is to put in place a method that is:

  • Simple.
  • Rigorous..
  • Easy to set up before and during your photo projects.

This method will allow you to always follow the tags of a path that you have traced to create your photographs.

It is beyond the scope of this article to explain this method in a precise and detailed manner. It would be far too long to explain. However, the broad outlines are as follows:

  • Define why you are taking pictures.
  • Be able to explain in a few second to an interlocutor the reasons of your photographic activity.
  • Write a slogan that defines you in a few words.
  • Define your style.
  • Define your vision.
  • Know how to accurately judge your strengths, assets and weaknesses.
  • Know how to highlight your photographic achievements.

The ideal is to write down all these points on paper or with a computer. Be specific. Then learn them by heart. I have respected and continue to apply this process in my professional activity.

Error #1 to Avoid in Photography: Not Having a Photographic Artistry

After years of studying the photographic activity of many professionals or photographers during my nature photography workshops, I found that 95% of them did not have a photographic artistry.

The photographic artistry is composed of:

  • The photographic vision.
  • The photographic style.

If you do not have a defined photographic artistry, you will take pictures without having precise photographic themes.

You are going to photograph the scenes without having a specific goal in mind. There will be no logic, no link that connects the photos to each other. There will be chaos in your projects.

The first consequence of the absence of a photographic artistry is that when you are going to organize your photos on the computer, you are going to choose images on technical criteria and not to tell a story because you will not have one in mind.

The consequence is that when you go out in the field you will not know exactly where to stand, how to highlight your photographic scenes, how to choose your light, how to choose your photographic elements.

You will choose points of view, compose and frame only according to the technical criteria you have learned.

But these actions will not reflect your personality. You will be doing what other photographers do. You will be no different. Your photographs will be technically very good, but they will not have the special flavor of what you have deep inside: your soul.

A good definition of a photographic artistry allows you to create different, unique photos that look like you.

Not defining your photographic artistry is the guarantee for you to be like other photographers and to make photos that have already been seen. You will interest nobody, or almost nobody.

Avoid making this mistake by starting now to define your photographic artistry to show who you really are.

Error n°2 to Avoid in Photography: Not Having a Good Reason to Create Your Photos

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